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We were hellbent on frolicking in waves while we can … even Louie enjoyed the beach in Sagaponack and smelled like sea air for a weekend.  Zoe loved having mosquito netting .. er, ‘princess canopy’ .. on her bed.  I don’t think we could find a better spot of ‘moving water’ for Tashlich!  (Don’t know what tashlich is? Click here).  The waves were huge like the day we got married in this same spot and – I’m not lying – the sky really was that pink during sunset hour:



(this pix of my loves by Greg Kessler)IMG_9621IMG_9647IMG_9669


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Ok I’m realizing my blog is becoming about the constantly changing temperatures here but COME ON! We’ve gone from snow storm to sudden 70 degree spring day so it’s definitely worth mentioning, right?   When I look at my previous post and see all that snow, and then realize that I’m about to post some “trips to the beach images”, I’m reminded of how crazy this Feb weather really has been.

But more importantly: we’ve found a new beach.  We drove to the Fire Island Lighthouse after a friend recommended this hike to the shore via the more inland parking lot area.  And what a nice surprise this all was!  We spotted deer who lingered just 10 feet from the path, and learned that our new rescue dog (who hails from Nebraska) is as in love with the sea as we are!  The only downside: we were NOT the only ones with this brilliant idea – the beach was packed with other beach combers in late Feb!  Go figure..


Louie loves the shore as much as we do


beach was full of people in late Feb!


hello deer!



Zoe just had to shed her coat

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Cooler weather is already creeping in here, and just a couple weekends ago we made our last treks to beaches and sand. First we camped at Cedar Point near East Hampton, then returned to our barn in Bridgehampton to seal the deal on relaxing before school and work and schedules take over. We got to quickly run into the South Fork Natural History Museum before heading home, and promise to spend more time there next summer.


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Believe it or not I found these oldies but goodies in my phone. Proof that it had at one point been nice and warm (and that I need to upload pix more often) – and then POOF the season passed and we were back to big, warm coats and fires in the fireplace. This was our last excursion to the beach in late September, back at the place where we were married and where we now like to take the kids – to keep it in our life and memories more long term. We had a chance to book some space there again for this upcoming summer and – how can we resist? The tradition keeps on.

These days the weather really seems to be warming up… maybe an early spring after all?

back to the beach where we were married

back to the beach where we were married

photo 2

photo 3

The waves really were bigger than my husband.

The waves really were bigger than my husband.

friends put out this lovely “last grasp at summer” spread on one last warm night

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It’s the season for pumpkins again, yes? We learned this time around to NOT put our pumpkins out too early though … last year the squirrels ran off with one, and ate as much of it as they could. But eating everything flavored with pumpkin is my favorite past time… so I kind of understand.
















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I said ‘I do’ and I’d do it all again! Happy Anniversary to my love, my bedrock, and my constant source for humor. Time flies when we are having fun.
Photos by @mgfoto and www.justasmallaffair.com.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.13.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.13.23 PM

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I feel like last October we ran amok with wayyyyy too many pumpkin outings. This fall we are wrangling with a beast of a house renovation and tons of packing so this may be one of the very few pumpkin posts for this year. Let’s see how it all goes with getting out of Home Depot and into the fall foliage this month. Meanwhile here are some shots of our trip back to Hank’s, where we at least got a taste of the season (and some pumpkin and apple-cider donuts – yum!)








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