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This little lady and her crazy upper body strength … she’s gone from gymnastics to rock climbing effortlessly!  I love her drive to get higher than anyone else.  Go Zo!

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photo 5

Today is Ezra’s 100th Day of School – a day that is celebrated by kids making a poster of 100 things, and presenting it at school. It was kind of hysterical seeing a sea of small kids practically sailing to school this morning with their large poster boards in hand, the cold wind pushing them along. I wish I had time this a.m. to photograph Ezra’s poster of a brain bursting with 100 star stickers, his ‘one new thing learned each day’. But alas, the a.m. is too frantic and crazy for me to remember to pull out a camera.
Instead I think this photo says it all. Last week Ezra climbed to the top of the ‘spider web’ (as he calls it) in his old school. It use to terrify him to do this. He was so proud. Really – where does the time go? I know it’s such a cliche but they really do grow so fast.

And because it’s Friday and because I’m still obsessed with teepees, making things of cardboard, and having fun indoors while it’s cold – here’s our weekly list of beautiful things:

— Got a big box? Make an indoor slide.

— Turn that old dress into a teepee!

— So much beautiful wood… look at that headboard.

Paper maps of various cities.

— I love these painted floors

Amazing hats, and the studio – don’t you just want to live in there?

— Some fun photos of my old neighborhood.

An amazing discovery – nanny turned photographer who left gorgeous photos behind.

— Stylish rebels: best dressed men ever.

— This weekend is Purim! We are breaking out these costumes again and hope to try this hamentashen recipe – yum!

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Hey does anyone remember this post from last year? I don’t know that Zoe has changed much physically in this year but I do know she talks a lot and doesn’t sit as still in the same chair.

Happy Birthday Monkey! My sweet girl is already 3 – I can’t believe it.


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As I suspected here, we were destined to try on yet another science museum during our travels. I thought we’d revisit the Fort Lauderdale Science Museum which we love – but we found ourselves heading to West Palm and found the South Florida Science Museum instead. We loved the parks around this museum. We even did some of our photoshoot at Dreher Park (see Ezra by the banyan trees in the banner on this website). We loved the yellow submarine at the entrance of the museum, and inside there were a lot of dinosaur bones and sea life in tanks. I even got to see a live sea horse for the first time ever! South Florida Science was a bit older and dustier than Fort Lauderdale Science, but there were lots of exhibits that kids could touch and play with – which made it a great way to spend an overcast day in the end.

E and Z's cousin Tali explored the kid's research zone...

A dino got my baby!

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Yes I finally did it. I finally took Ezra to the Bodies Exhibit since no other kid’s anatomy exhibit satisfied him. He LOVED it. I couldn’t take photos because it was dark, it wasn’t allowed – and it felt a bit disrespectful to photograph actual dead bodies (yes, for real – and there’s enough controversy around that part of the show to begin with). But I did get a quiet shot of Ezra’s favorite part of the exhibit: the digestive system. A real one – splayed out in a case for him to examine for a long, long while. I wish I could say he seemed ready to be a future doctor but he hated the ‘blood’ room and is squeamish about any (even a pin prick) display of blood. He did totally ‘ace’ a brain game during the exhibit where he moved a ball with his mind. It’s fascinating what kind of interests unfold the more a child grows. I wonder what this all will lead to … if anything?

We did end up getting to somewhere warm and sunny during winter break – which is why I’ve not been tending to my blog until now. More photos from sunny Florida to come soon!

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Wow – What a difference a year makes. Here are pictures of Zoe taken last February, and then some newer ones shot last week. What a big girl! I had always wanted to do a series like this of Ezra .. an annual shot on the same background that would really highlight his growth. Maybe I can continue Zoe’s on the chair? They grow too fast ..

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