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Every year my side of the family rounds up to do some gift opening and general holiday cheer.  This year we were even gifted with a little dusting of snow from Mother Nature… not enough to keep loved ones from traveling, but enough to make the setting seem perfect.  And tonight, we start our own Chanukah candle lighting …

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.50.54 PMIMG_0278IMG_0281IMG_0288IMG_0289

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.52.56 PM.png




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Our fireplace is up and running, just in time for the holiday of light and warmth.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

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While it was super hot last week we turned to crafting indoors and staying by the air conditioner. I had the kids decorate their own wood blocks with this cool BLOCKS & crafts kit that can be found on Etsy. It’s an ideal project for Zoe’s budding dexterity, and yet Ezra is now at the age where he can glue the items on in an organized way (and on straight, which was sometimes a challenge for Zoe!) Now we just need to think of a baby friend to pass them on to. Such a great DIY idea for a baby showers too.







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This past weekend we visited cousins Paul and Sophia in Massachusetts. We celebrate Chanukah in our home – but can visit their house to see a little Christmas spirit if we need to. Their mom loves to decorate every corner with Christmas stuff and Zoe got her first real taste of living with a tree in the house! Ezra of course loved the electric train that circled underneath the tree, and all the relatives came by with more presents for the last days of Chanukah. Ezra got an electric scooter, Zoe got ballet slippers and a princess Play doh set. As much as the gifts were exciting, I honestly think Ezra and Zoe enjoyed seeing their cousins (and their dogs) more than anything. I do know they are happy to NOT have an ‘elf on a shelf‘ watching their every move this season – creepy!


little engineer holds on to the train's remote

little engineer holds on to the train’s remote

Zoe checks out the tree up close

Zoe checks out the tree up close


Zoe's new best friend

Zoe’s new best friend

tearing open presents on a faux 'pre-Xmas' day..

tearing open presents on a faux ‘pre-Xmas’ day..



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I am back to work and somewhat crazed … and for a first time in awhile I find myself lagging on doing some blog posts. This is one that I’ve been meaning to post – before the leaves turn color and this summery set of photos looks dated and obsolete. For Ezra’s birthday we often ask his grandparents to give him an ‘experience’ (since NYC apartments can barely fit important things, let alone an excess of toys from well meaning relatives.) For Ezra’s birthday his grandparents gave him a late summer gift – and took him to rent a remote controlled sail boat at Central Park. I’ve always wanted to do this with him; a peaceful park activity that taught him ‘wind power’ and reminded us of a fun scene in the Stuart Little movie (where Stuart races a boat in the same location.)
The weather here is breezy and perfect – we hope it is where you are too! Have a good weekend.

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