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Some indication of what we’ve been up to in these last few weeks of summer… sorry we’ve been too busy to blog!



Zoe playing around at Plane View Park by the Airport


we are growing so many cucumbers and tomatoes!!


Our birthday boy visiting a sunflower field in the Rochester area


and racing with his cousin Jake on his birthday!



meeting California kids while crabbing in Cape Cod



A quick romp in the ocean near East Sandwich and Plymouth Mass



and visiting the chip factory!


we found some great hiking in Mass that accepted Louie on a leash


and of course, E always finds the best cars


then back to school!

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Zoe spent the summer learning all about reducing, reusing and recycling.  This fun little day camp happens in Ezra’s regular school – where a garden is situated on the roof.  Zoe got to join this year and grew vegetables, did her own garden designs, and met a lot of friends.  At the end of it all they had a ‘cafe night’ with pot luck and healthy foods from the garden, as well as a reading and performance by our little lady herself!  I’m so proud of her.



kids running the lemonade zone


Zoe and others made table decorations from recycled milk cartons



singing their hearts out!


and a reading by Zoe .. about how much her dad helps her : )

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Over a decade ago I lived near here (had a small apartment just a couple blocks away) and I loved walking by the weeping willow on 9th Street. While strolling through the East village, the kids and I bumped into this old haunt again –

Some history from their website: The 9th Street Community Garden was started in 1979 by Augustine (Nin) Garcia on a large fenced-in vacant lot on the northeast corner of 9th Steet and Avenue C in The East Village, New York City. It is graced by a large weeping willow tree, evidence of an underground stream.

Today, the garden is one of the largest community gardens in New York City, having expanded to encompass one acre. It contains a stage and barbeque area, seating areas, fish pond, grape arbor, gazebo, Japanese garden, wisteria arbor, herb garden, and brick-lined walkways.

I am always wondering why we don’t do this to the vacant lots in Queens.. maybe they are purchased too quickly now that real estate is so hot in NYC?




Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.50.33 AM

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When Ezra is in his summer frame of mind, it’s not easy getting my boy to leave the couch and stop his reading and go off to another place for ‘camp’ daily.  This year we got him into a day camp at the school that he will be newly attending in the fall.  We figured this was a good way to get him familiar with the place and – as it turned out – he got to ‘put his mark’ on the place a bit as well by fixing up the building’s roof garden.  He had a wonderful experience with the Urban Design and Sustainability Program via Beyond Organic Design (see him sawing some wood in the blog here!)  He was so proud of the ‘Amelia’s Garden’ mural that he painted, as well as bird houses he made and we were so amazed by how much compost, gardening, and natural pest removal info he has in his head now!

photo 1

Ezra and his friend Miguel explain their dream garden layout.

photo 2

photo 3

noshing on fresh veggies

photo 4

showing dad the ropes

photo 5

Zoe sneaks a cupcake

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After Ezra’s birthday we went to visit Uncle Carl and Aunt Tricia, who have now purchased a house in Yonkers, NY! Lucky for us the new house is just blocks from Untermeyer Gardens Conservancy where we can view lots of gorgeous garden ideas, the Palisades and the Hudson River.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.31.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.32.07 PM







Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.31.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.31.36 PM



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I think I’ve already posted our grapevine clubhouse – but wanted to add more pictures here. We’ve kind of taken the ‘wait and see’ approach with our new garden. And I have to say, it may’ve worked to our advantage. The grapevine is sprawling, we’ve made a patch for zucchini and tomatoes where forsythia use to be (we’ve now dragged the forsythia to the front yard) and honestly our quantity of bees and mosquitos has kind of diminished. Maybe due to having weeds and plants indigenous to our area? Not sure… but I’ve heard it’s good for pollinators to let some weeds grow and not over-coif the garden. I do know a woman rang our door bell and asked to photograph the white flowers in our front yard. I was nearly bowled over to find a brand new bush had cropped up almost overnight yielding about 12 – 8 inch white flowers. I think she was just as confused when I stepped out on our front step and said “where on earth did those come from?”
THAT’s how our garden grows, lately.

(as a side note, we JUST got some new plants from my in-laws so we should have some new garden pix soon!)

the garden by night, lots of weeds looking pretty

the garden by night, lots of weeds looking pretty

the white hibiscus flowers that are stopping people on the street

the white hibiscus flowers that are stopping people on the street

eating a lot of home-grown, baby tomatoes this summer

eating a lot of home-grown, baby tomatoes this summer

we did purchase some coleus and it's growing like crazy!

we did purchase some coleus and it’s growing like crazy!

a little wary at first

a little wary at first



he's in!

he’s in!

and there are snacks inside!

and there are snacks inside!

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Well shortly after writing about our blustery snowy day, we started to see a bit of a thaw here in NYC. As my family in Boston deals with breaking a snow record with their 108 inches of snow as of Sunday, we are started to see tiny buds of tulips coming up on the front lawn and the alley is wet from all the melting snow. Will it last – or is this just March being tempestuous again? I dread the idea of a rogue snowstorm in April!

Zoe splashing in what USE TO BE snow!

Zoe splashing in what USE TO BE snow!

thank you Ina Seow for this instagram pix

thank you Ina Seow for this instagram pix

my husband treated me to these beauties, now in full bloom already.

my husband treated me to these beauties, now in full bloom already.

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