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Once again E and Z’s dad was hired to shoot a week of fun science events around the city, and we had grandma in to help with staying on top of things while parents were working like crazy. ┬áThe WSF had some great outdoor activities – like exploring the water life around our local park (Gantry), as well as an amazing Star Gazing event later in the evening in Brooklyn! I think we were wiped out after a whole day of activity but were happy we could show grandma the ropes on the WSF!



grandma helping us fish the east river!



Ezra under his night umbrella while star gazing


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We had an unseasonably warm week – getting up to 70 degrees, which is so rare in March. We thought we’d get to the playground at Gantry but in the end we also did some kite flying behind the Pepsi Cola sign with the really warm breezes off the East River. I love the view of Manhattan behind Ezra and his kite. And I couldn’t help but document Zoe’s love of her frog boots – put on backwards of course – now that she insists on doing everything herself.
Have a great weekend!

behind Ezra is the United Nations and Chrysler building

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