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I’d forgotten to post some pix from our synagogue’s Purim Carnival… always a fun event, and colorful in that the kids get to make their masks and costumes and nosh on jam filled hamantaschen. Enjoy some pix of one of the Jewish Holidays that – at least in this year -seems to usher in spring!

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On Christmas day we stayed indoors for the most part because that warm spell was broken by the coldest snap ever! Our friends invited us to their house for a little dinner, and because Lea and Mia’s mom is from Germany we felt a little bit of German Christmas in the air. The exception of course was the ‘Simon’ game under the tree – that was a piece of my own past!





making cheese 'carnations' with the cheese cutter..

making cheese ‘carnations’ with the cheese cutter..




and OH  how we LOVE to fondue for dessert!

and OH how we LOVE to fondue for dessert!


What napkin? I don't need a napkin...

What napkin? I don’t need a napkin…

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Well look at this: I found one last batch of Mass photos hanging out in my camera!

En route home to NYC we stopped at this amazing place that our friends recommended. The Ecotarium is located in Worcester Mass and is an indoor AND outdoor museum and learning center for kids. What could be better than THAT in the middle of a four hour car ride? There were nature trails, a train to ride on through the woods, river otters that frolicked in a tank after coming up from the river, and a dinosaur in the forest! Indoors we found a ‘hurricane machine’, all sorts of water/wind exploring games, some live animals mixed with some taxidermy and a giant chess board amidst tables of other board games and puzzles. It was a great diversion for restless kids in the car (and a reprieve from traffic). We were good and sated for the rest of the ride home.

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Ezra’s school has had some fun events lately – one being a Math Night party. It was great to not only see all the students out of uniform and kicking back on a Friday night, but the teachers pulled out board games as some of the best examples of how to get your kids counting and strategizing. Ezra loved learning how to make change and liked handling pretend dollar bills. Zoe enjoyed the pretty Lakeshore educational games. Seriously — check these games out. With their big, chunky, rubbery pieces in bright colors – pattern making was fun.
Now we are on to a week of winter break – more board games during our ‘stay-cation’ and then a little romp somewhere new later in the week. How about you?

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