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This usually means getting to see the holiday store windows (while everyone else is home opening gifts – no crowds!) and of course a sushi dinner out.  Check out the very sweet cake and candy inspired windows from Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue below! We hope you are having a sweet week as well (on to some New Year’s fasting next week, perhaps?) Meanwhile check out this cool video of how they put together the Bergdorf Goodies …. my dream job! Click here or go to:




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I do love this crazy, orange month with it’s hot and cold flashes and … hopefully… some changing leaf foliage soon.  We’ve been building a sukkah at our synagogue and enjoying the last of the Jewish New Year holidays and atoning.  Our synagogue is in Flushing Queens, surrounded by Chinatown which – as it turns out – Chinese Harvest Festival is going on at the same time as Sukkot.  And if you haven’t seen all the crazy Halloween costumes on social media lately, you must stop in at Target to try them on.  Zoe can’t get enough of dress up:


Chinese Harvest Festival – dancers at the Flushing Queens MallIMG_9753

You know you wanna try one!IMG_9760IMG_9761IMG_9764IMG_9769

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Well.. GMA asked us to return again and this time they asked us if we had some antique furniture that needed restoring.  Boy were we happy to hear this request!  We’ve had a great pair of chairs in our basement play area – which we found on the curb and knew were in great shape (but needed some love).  We never got around to ‘the love’ so were happy to hear they might revamp them for us.  They stripped off all the old paint and stained the lovely wood and even reupholstered the cushions with a wipe-able fabric!  We are so pleased, and the whole experience of being on TV together… well that was priceless.

See our chairs ‘before and after’ and the whole segment here!


once again we run into George!



some behind the scenes ‘miking’… eek I have on so much makeup ‘for the screen’


in the elevator Ezra met Dak Prescott from the Dallas Cowboys

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Ok really Ezra was ticketed to be somewhere else, but he somehow got on to a little caper/adventure and found himself wandering around where most kids are NOT allowed – The Javitz Center Toy Fair.  Don’t ask me how it happened but this boy got to explore some new exciting toys and even tried many of them out! Good thing he’s a sweet kid – no one threw him out! (photos by gregkessler.com)



a horse that is powered as you rock it back and forth, and it moves forward!



slime that’s not messy


basically Ezra’s dream bed


a safe way to shoot those nerf guns indoors



3D puzzles… amazing!

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Mother’s Day was a beautiful balmy day that encouraged us to go to the beach BUT .. our alley tempted my kids to stay.  Neighbors set up a pool, we sat around and chatted, and lounged all day while the kids were happy.  How can a Mother’s Day get better than that?

my mother's day 'swag' made by Zoe

my mother’s day ‘swag’ made by Zoe

pancakes for breakfast

pancakes for breakfast

breakfast in the yard with my peeps

breakfast in the yard with my peeps

neighbors put out the most tempting pool

neighbors put out the most tempting pool

Ezra, Malachy and Tancredi gear up for another water gun and water balloon fight

Ezra, Malachy and Tancredi gear up for another water gun and water balloon fight

lovely gifts on the mantel

lovely gifts on the mantel

lilacs!  my fave

lilacs! my fave

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It’s back to being cold here of course, and when we make that first foray to Central Park and then realize that we are freezing – it’s always great to pop into The Met Museum (again) for warmth and an afternoon of sketching sculpture.

Zoe's favorite purple Klimt

Zoe’s favorite purple Klimt

Explaining to Ezra why we cannot afford a Picasso

Explaining to Ezra why we cannot afford a Picasso


lots of still subjects to sketch

lots of still subjects to sketch




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While exploring Avengers Land in Times Square the kids ran into a dad from the lake on the televised screens around the exhibit (I guess he has a part in the movie)! Ezra has recently been interested in Transformers so this show went over big for him – AND there were interactive games to play, so it was a bit like our Sony Wonder Lab trip only with more working stations to explore.

I have some catching up to do on blogging about what’s in my camera .. will have more summer fun to show next week!


hmmmm don't we know this guy?

hmmmm don’t we know this guy?








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