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Once a year the sun sets perfectly between buildings on 23rd-34th Street (and others on the West side) and here in NYC we call it ‘Manhattanhenge‘. Sadly I missed it this year (which is odd seeing as I work near to here) but I’ve seen it in past years, and it is beautiful. Photos below via instagram :

seeing people in the road with cameras is almost as entertaining as the sun..

seeing people in the road with cameras is almost as entertaining as the sun..

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.59.22 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.01.05 AM


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Once again E and Z’s dad scored us some early viewing tickets to Cinderella. The kids were encouraged to dress up like prince and princess and we had some free popcorn and soda. The movie by the way is gorgeous… the costumes are amazing. And Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother, Cate Blanchett as the step mother? Incredible casting! If you asked the kids for their reviews it would go pretty much like this: Ezra loved the talking mice, and Zoe loved the big blue swirly dress. There’s a sweet little short film about Elsa and Anna to start the show as well, which the kids also loved.





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Pardon my mad dash to post as many pix as I can before the year is out, but clearly I’ve lagged on doing anything blog oriented this holiday season! And I have a camera full of memories to share. We went to another Red Chair show at the Skirball Center – this time we saw Doktor Kaboom and his hilarious and informative experiments on getting Santa down a chimney, how to make reindeer fly. Unfortunately much of Dr Kaboom’s equipment didn’t arrive during his travels, but he did manage to throw together a hovercraft made from a shower curtain and leaf blower that carried a little girl across the stage! We got to go back stage and meet him in person, and other fans wished him a happy birthday.








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