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Ok I just stole this blog title from another source : a work connection/photo rep who sent this email message out to her clients today.  I kinda like it in that it very much fits the frenetic attempts this month.  It’s a daunting goal to be happy always, right?  But we try… Or more importantly: to be happy, healthy and kind (perhaps that’s a more accurate aspiring goal, but still a lot to achieve.)

However all of this is hard to balance and achieve when December is SO flogged with holiday “things to do”.  Even my work life has become inundated with excessive holiday scheduling – on top of family and friend meetups, and kid school activities and concerts (and a viral cough and cold added to the mix – ugh!)

So – much like this photo that we took at the City Holiday Lounge at Columbus Circle – December is a little messy and didn’t quite nail it on achieving the perfect holiday cheer (nor did we ever get organized enough to make a mailer to send out by snail mail.)  But this photo is a pretty real and accurate depiction of how the season really feels sometimes.  Perhaps some year we will make it a point to decline all party and concert and meeting invitations and just really take it in ..  and really have a peaceful holiday.  By Friday (for us at least) it should all calm down, and we will have a break from school and work and recover.  Meanwhile I hope you are having a great holiday season and staying well.  In the end, it’s all anyone can ask for and want.

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Remember when we ran into this couple getting married at The Met Museum? Well they decided to have a wedding party (years later) this past weekend at the lake. What a pretty location and amazing time we had! Our toes were in the water, lights twinkling over tables on the dock, and I got to tie a lot of nature on to vases (with twine) to decorate – and everyone made a dish to share (including that huge pile of yummy cupcakes.) What an amazing start to summer.


Zoe convinced me to ‘wear some flair’ – feathery earrings!


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