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Photo from crazybeautifulnature.wordpress

Well I’m getting this post out a little late today because I spent the day doing a bulletin board for Ezra’s school, and have plunged back into full time mommy-hood due to changes at work. The snow is already starting to blanket our sidewalks and streets and we are buckling down for a movie night, shabbat dinner, and a quiet weekend that might just include sledding and snowman making (we hope). Meanwhile, these are a few of our favorite things:

— Thank you SO MUCH for all your votes. I cannot believe we hovered so close to the top of apartmenttherapy’s Best Family & Kids blog category. I’m so happy – and meanwhile do check out some of the other contenders; some beautiful DIY and parenting ideas, along with some amazing photography.

— I’m hoping we wake to this tomorrow morning!

— If you get outside, check out Moon Over Manhattan this weekend.

— If we are stuck indoors again this weekend we will be making lots of blanket forts. Here are some tee-pees to inspire you.

— Are the kids always bugging you for your iphone? Turn it into a cool science project.

Super hero window washers!

Chinese New Year is upon us! Make this cool dragon/snake puppet.

This post shows photos that I remember pouring over when I was very young… now you can see where my love of magazines comes from?

— I’ll have to make this amazing rosemary popcorn for our movie night.

— I love these.

This blog has the greatest Valentine’s Day ideas …

— And thank you Beautiful Mess for compiling even more!

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photo from seventytree blog

photo from the seventytree blog

Really could it get any colder? We are starting to go a little stir crazy indoors but honestly, it hurts to expose even a nose in this weather.

Some things to warm you:

— The perfect snowman. And some more here.

— If near a fireplace, start up the s’mores.

— Now that Zoe has had a tea party, I’m kinda craving one for big girls.

— And speaking of tea, check out these adorable tea cups.

— Stuck inside? My kids love to make a fort.

— This weekend is Tu Bishvat and we’ll be reading this book. I love the illustrations by Marc Simont.

— Speaking of trees, spare one and upcycle an old wood crib. What a great idea!

— How to do ‘little trees’ (as my kids call them) right… and quick!

— New thing I learned: Frost Flowers?

— Can you be up for this challenge of photographing your kids at least once a week? This underwater shot is the best.

— The prettiest dresses. I want them all!

— Getting excited about Valentine’s Day? I love this Valentine idea for kids.

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This quiet little sleepy area resembles Governors Island a bit – except that it’s clear that the fire department of New York likes to ‘practice’ in some of the buildings here so some houses are singed and battered. Like Governors it is open to bikes, pedestrians and scooters more often than to cars. There are amazing views of Throg’s Neck bridge from most of the main streets and a great playground for kids. We plan on having a few more picnics at this sweet location (which is right here in Queens) before the weather gets any cooler ..

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Some time ago we saw the Figment show at Governors Island – and I completely forgot about the photos I took until now. We love Governors Island because the kids always love a ride on the ferry, and the island is ‘car free’ so we can scoot and bike everywhere. The forts on the island are particularly interesting as well.
Of course being such a huge fan of tree houses – I found the piece by Benjamin Jones to be the most exciting piece in the show. You can see it in the photos below and it’s my newest dream house to date. The ‘giant hands’ were great too and Zoe loved the dress up aspect of the day.

(Another momma blogger from our ‘hood posted some images of Figment as well … check them out here – and note I’m not alone in my tree house lust!)

Looking at Manhattan from Governors Island:

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