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Overall it’s been a fairly mild winter.  I am just finally getting to blog these pretty pix of Cornwall, CT .   We were surprised to wake to a snowstorm after a week of 50 degree weather in the city.  The kids had only one snow day off from school this year – and it felt as if they had a snowball fight in the morning, and then a melted yard by afternoon.  In a sense I am happy to see hyacinth and tulip buds already emerging in our front yard… but this day in the snow was definitely a peaceful and fun one:  IMG_4695IMG_4709IMG_4710IMG_4711IMG_4713

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I’m trying to take a new approach to winter: if you can’t beat it, join it!  It was hella cold on Thanksgiving – like 8 degrees where we were in Connecticut.  But I figured out if I had all the right warm clothing on, a refreshing walk in the snow can really clear your head. The kids loved following a frozen stream and then whittling their found branches into walking sticks.


the whole gang!


the lake was starting to thaw by Saturday


yay some sunshine!


dreary weather but good hiking



Zoe loves eating snow



whittling away

and the better shots, by my husband:

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As the weekends here grow colder (yes, they already are!) we joined some friends to try on some ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) in the woods.   I basically lived in the one pair of corduroy pants,  fleece and scarf that I packed – and my bathing suit was largely ignored.  But this was not the case for my husband and Ezra who braved the (slightly warmer) pond to try on some new and crazy water sports!  This is the last week before school starts here in NYC and – I have to say – this summer went by far far too quickly.

(a special thank you to the Marten family for letting us join along for the fun!)


waking to fog on the lake.. or is that frost?


Zoe practices her gymnastic skills on a slack line by the kids’ tree tent


The Martens have a way of decorating tent entrances!



Ezra and Zoe love playing in here..


caught a fish!


jet ski!


Yeah, there was even a water jet pack to try on .. and of course my husband tried it

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Who knew there was such a lovely sprawling forest in our borough of Queens, with hiking trails and everything?


Spring seems to be right around the corner… milder temps, and nature blooming.


photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

this last photo by gregkessler.com

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We got to Connecticut again to see a little nature – and were pleasantly surprised to see most of the snow was gone. There was even a little bit of growth happening underfoot, and maple syrup harvesting going on up the road. We even found some keys we dropped in the snow while snowshoeing several weeks ago. This has been the longest winter it seems … and ironically we are working on the Laura Ingalls Wilder book by the same title right now. It really forces Ezra to realize how much went into surviving such a winter years ago. We are only pining for the sun while the characters in the book are literally starving for food. We will be pretty happy to see real spring and summer temps when they come.

the field where we lost - and then found (after the thaw) - some keys

the field where we lost – and then found (after the thaw) – some keys









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Some friends of friends were kind enough to invite us out to their home for dinner. I was stunned when I saw this treehouse in their yard – on the edge of the forest behind their house. They had it built for their boys who had since grown up and abandoned it – but I still had to visit it and let my kids climb around. I have a fascination with tree houses – and have since I was about 5 years old. I think I’ve never forgiven my parents for not building one in our backyard while I was small (and begged for it incessantly) but now that I’m old enough to understand what it would take to build one – that intense desire to make something safe but magical for your kids, and then have it be abandoned so quickly … I can almost understand why tree houses don’t get created often enough. This one was high high off the ground – and together the kids and I fantasized about how we would finish off the interior with books and wallpaper alla the ‘Magic Treehouse’ book series. If only we could ..

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