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We always somehow end up at the same rooms in The Met – the knights in shining armor, the Islamic Art room (my favorite!  those blues!) modern art/painting and photography – this time around we made it a point to make it to the roof as well as to the Comme des Garcon show – It didn’t disappoint!

The roof exhibit is one by Adrian Villar Rojas – and is an amazing mix of what’s in the museum itself.  I was in awe of the fact that much of it was 3D printed and then coated with automotive paint to keep it from melting away in the (lately rainy) weather!


And the Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons show – wow – I know it didn’t often make sense to me when I saw this on the runway but as art in a museum?  Click … I suddenly get it.  Check out a walk through here:




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Since dad is king we took him to a castle – and of course in NYC that means a trip to The Cloisters. Zoe had Ezra ask the front desk if a prince or princess ever actually lived there. We got to see a garden filled with plants that existed during the Middle Ages (used for medicinal purposes, to eat, and even to dye textiles). The kids gave their dad a rosemary and basil plant because – as Ezra aptly put it on his father’s day card – “mmmm he makes the best food”! E&Z’s dad still prefers to be faceless on this blog (for the most part) but we couldn’t resist a “dad+kids” portrait in this pretty setting. Thanks to Ezra, his face is still mostly a mystery..

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