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Definition of ‘camp‘ – “The American writer Susan Sontag‘s essay “Notes on ‘Camp’” (1964) emphasized its key elements as: artifice, frivolity, naïve middle-class pretentiousness, and ‘shocking’ excess. Camp as an aesthetic has been popular from the 1960s to the present.”

Oh this show was so much fun to view, and the air conditioning at The Met is pretty top notch too.  Who doesn’t love an upside down dress or one made of hello kitty plushies? Clearly Zoe loved it .. Ezra preferred the show of famous rock guitars and instruments on the other floor.


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This usually means getting to see the holiday store windows (while everyone else is home opening gifts – no crowds!) and of course a sushi dinner out.  Check out the very sweet cake and candy inspired windows from Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue below! We hope you are having a sweet week as well (on to some New Year’s fasting next week, perhaps?) Meanwhile check out this cool video of how they put together the Bergdorf Goodies …. my dream job! Click here or go to:




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There was a weekend day that was just too hot… like ‘don’t know how to walk outside’ kind of hot.  We convinced the kids to get into our air conditioned car and drove to the city – it was that hot.  And we spent the day indoors at The Met, where the kids love the Revolutionary War paintings and floor of knights’ armor. But currently there’s an interesting show on display called Heavenly Bodies and The Catholic Imagination – a thoroughly engaging show featuring couture fashion that’s been inspired by the Catholic church in some way, shape or form. There are vestments donated by the Pope that are shown in the basement as well, but we weren’t allowed to photograph those. Zoe and I loved the more modern homages to religious life upstairs anyhow: the Dolce and Gabbana collection of nun-like black dresses, and of course who wouldn’t marvel at a set of paper-thin wood wings? And the environment (the Met’s room of Renaissance and Medieval religious art) couldn’t be more perfect, especially with choir music piped in.  We were transformed out of the (heat wave) hell outside, that’s for sure.


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We always somehow end up at the same rooms in The Met – the knights in shining armor, the Islamic Art room (my favorite!  those blues!) modern art/painting and photography – this time around we made it a point to make it to the roof as well as to the Comme des Garcon show – It didn’t disappoint!

The roof exhibit is one by Adrian Villar Rojas – and is an amazing mix of what’s in the museum itself.  I was in awe of the fact that much of it was 3D printed and then coated with automotive paint to keep it from melting away in the (lately rainy) weather!


And the Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons show – wow – I know it didn’t often make sense to me when I saw this on the runway but as art in a museum?  Click … I suddenly get it.  Check out a walk through here:



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Seriously this girl can’t lose –

-Hello Kitty socks? check
-Frida Khalo headband? check
-stripy top to tie it all together? check

My daughter has become my stylist, and my style inspiration. She literally grimaces and calls me out when I don’t dress up to her standards. She will ask to get into my closet and pick my outfit out for me for the day – and encourages that I wear ‘clip clop shoes’ (heels) more often. ‘More color mamma’ or ‘get something with flowers’ is what she most often will advise me – and then jewelry. She rolls her eyes at my choices for small, modest jewelry and will insist I wear the big, bright (pink) pieces that she’s made for me at school. You are a lovely force to recon with little girl, and you really have inspired me to use more flair when I dress! I love my little fashionista.

(the only small jewelry she will tolerate is this tiny jingle-bell on a string that she made here:)

one must look fabulous for a day at the farm you know

one must look fabulous for a day at the farm you know

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Hi there. My office is hoping to see some more gorgeous Real Women Style – wanna submit some photos of yourself (or yourself with your kids)? We want to see your style! Go to http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty-fashion/real-woman-style-awards and enter by March 11!

Look at this chic mom and daughter pair… love the dots!

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10.28.50 AM

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Okay I was A HUGE Shirley Temple fan as a kid. I do remember cruising the channels on Saturday and Sunday and wishing for a Shirley Temple movie on cold weekend mornings, and being so delighted when I found one. How can you resist this kid? Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for this era: the clothes, dresses and look at the spats/wingtips on this guy in this movie clip? Is it the gorgeous colorized film – or am I just longing for a time when people wore hats and gloves on airplanes (instead of hot pink sweat pants with ‘juicy’ printed on the butt?) Do I sound like a curmudgeon now?
I just wanted to give a shout out to Shirley. Talented, diplomatic, amazing performer and woman.

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I seem to do this every summer don’t I? It’s that time of year again… when little Miss Fashion-Forward has me realize that putting on clothes can be fun, and not daunting. These are some of her (and my) summer favorites:

I like the swingy, flapper-style shape of this dress:

I like the swingy, flapper-style shape of this dress:




We love watermelon pockets! Got a few of these

We love watermelon pockets! Got a few of these

mamma Loren passed on this sweet vintage find

mamma Loren passed on this sweet vintage find

has anyone seen my brother?

has anyone seen my brother?




photo 2

photo 4


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Photo from ohthelovelythings.com

Photo from ohthelovelythings.com

I feel like my quest for Beautiful Things has been hampered lately by chasing kids, their schedules, an upcoming ballet recital, a huge homework packet … you know the mamma drill. But I did manage to find some things that evoke spring before frolicking with the kids (both of them, now that Ezra has some time off from school finally).


— Favorite spring picture books.

— Some beautiful spring colors and eggs (for Passover or Easter or just as a symbol of renewal.)

— More lovely lively colors to take my head out of winter.

Colorful coats for the end of the season, and don’t forget the red lipstick again!

— It’s fascinating to see children around the world with their favorite things.

— And just cute kids in general, on film, saying some great stuff (love the one about Valentine’s Day!)

A great lunch option, I’m about to Google whether or not bulgur wheat is kosher for Passover.

— What do to with your cherry tomatoes when they go past their prime.

— Pretty macaroons!

— Do you remember when Banana Republic Merchandise looked like this?

— A kosher-for-Passover treat and favorite at our house.

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Can you believe this delicious thing is made from avocados? Photo from Gluten Free Gus.

Well we woke to a blanket of snow this a.m. and it’s still going. I imagine this weekend will be filled with hours of sledding or some indoor activities. Stay warm and dry and enjoy!

— I plan on giving this recipe a test drive this weekend. If it’s a success it will be my go-to dessert for Passover.

— More fun things to do with food coloring! I love the ice marble idea.

— These incredible gowns remind me of blue onion china, with a twist.

Two talented brothers make beautiful art together. I love their ant pin.

— What a foxy dog.

Mark Molloy’s photos put me in the mood for a summer retreat (and eating.)

— Look at this amazing play space in Chicago! We will be spending a lot of time in ours this weekend.

Summer fun colors. I’m ready for it.

— And don’t forget the red lipstick.

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