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It’s finally here… and yet, it’s arrived too quickly.  The winter really did speed by this year (hello? what happened to spring?) and now the kids are officially out of school and frolicking.

Ezra’s Lemonade stand is open again for business and Zoe got to graduate from her k-2nd grade school. It’s off to another school next year for her .. but mostly with the same kids in her class.  We are lucky that another school nearby has opened up a dual-language (Spanish English) class for her to segue to.  I couldn’t be more pleased that it’s practically across the street from our house!  And Zoe couldn’t be happier about staying with her classmates.


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What better way to celebrate the end of a school year and all of Ezra’s hard work than with a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan? This trip didn’t happen on his actual last day of school but it was fueled by the thinking that summer was well on it’s way. The kids loved all the colorful displays and candy organized by color, and I was amazed by the kids’ restraint – they managed to get out of there with only 1/4 bag full of candies each! The store itself is the most enjoyable part – with its stairs inlaid with candy, jelly bean mosaic and shelves dripping with chocolate. And yes, that huge chocolate bunny is really made up entirely of chocolate!

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