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We had another round of cousins come through!  We took them to Oculus and lower Manhattan for some slide and playground time, then invited them along to find eggs in our alley.  While the boys went to a Yankees game, the gals went to see an acrobatic show titled  ‘Something’ in Times Square.  Zoe loves the huge cupcakes sold outside of the theater.  The weather was unseasonably warm so kids were able to dye eggs outdoors (whew.. less mess).  Ezra is super proud of his ‘galaxy egg’ seen here:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.47.19 PM

checking out Oculus at World Trade Center


these girls mean business…


my mom’s old technique for making paw prints make believers of even the older kids


sharing their stash


Zoe loves chocolate!


the galaxy egg


warmer temps and a city view from the playgrounds


The cast of ‘Something’ poses with the girls


look ma! it’s as big as my head!


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This year we had a Purim Carnival at our synagogue, and then an Easter egg hunt on our alley.  I did something my mom taught me years ago… created bunny prints with a stencil and sifted flour.  And Zoe and I created a picture board for the Purim carnival together (although it later turned into a bean bag toss to win tickets!)


ooo scary unkosher food costume!


our photo booth






Kate Bly and her little Haman



my mom’s tradition – marking the gardens where eggs are hidden

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I think because I use to celebrate Easter in the past, I get a little excited when both Passover and Easter happen or start on the same weekend – and I’m not even certain why. Maybe because in my mind there’s the opportunity to mix them both somehow – or there’s the chance to feel a kindred spirit with others who (despite our varying religions) are also braving holiday traffic, traveling, baking good things to eat and seeing family. Last year Passover and Easter were a week apart so we had a chance to catch some egg hunts — something so very Pagan and spring-themed that we let the kids enjoy it without worrying about blurring any religious lines. This year we might miss the egg hunts while starting Passover, but the same sweet feeling of renewal and spring are in both holidays.
Here are some scenes from last year – and we hope you enjoy your Good Friday, Passover, Easter, start of spring break… :

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