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Everyone with a kid here in NYC LOVES the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) – not just because the rooms are huge and little ones can run around, but also because there are tons of exhibits to see.  It has everything from dinosaurs, to body systems, the big blue whale room and biodiversity room are kid favorites too where sleepovers are often held (especially after the success of the ‘Night At the Museum‘ series).

We got there this week to see their ‘Senses’ show:  a fun exhibit that kids can handle, sniff and be dizzied by.  We had a lot of fun learning how different animals and insects see with heat instead of color for example, and then got to get outside to Central Park nearby to put our own senses to work.


note the difference between these 2?IMG_1910


and then ahhhh .. get outdoors for some sense-stretching in Central Park!


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Our 84 year old neighbor made the interesting point; that kids no longer get ‘home ec’ classes at school.  She worried that this made kids good at ‘books’ but not good at cooking, sewing, building.  I thought about it every time she came around with knitting needles and offered to show me how to ‘cast on’ again (I always forget this).  And learning from her is so much nicer than trying to watch a youtube video.  When a home-schooling friend posted to Instagram images of her daughter at sew-camp — I had to call in our local sewing master Loren to have a ‘sew camp of our own’ for a night.  The kids loved learning how to use a sewing machine; threading it and  making fun stitching patterns on fabric.  I hope to do it again soon!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.34.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.35.13 PM

our friend Alice in Columbus OH area got us excited about this idea..


And our own attempt to a sew camp:

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Already leaving his sweet little school and going to the bigger school in the fall – how did this happen so quickly? My little man all grown up –

photo 3

photo 2

photo 5

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Ezra’s school has had some fun events lately – one being a Math Night party. It was great to not only see all the students out of uniform and kicking back on a Friday night, but the teachers pulled out board games as some of the best examples of how to get your kids counting and strategizing. Ezra loved learning how to make change and liked handling pretend dollar bills. Zoe enjoyed the pretty Lakeshore educational games. Seriously — check these games out. With their big, chunky, rubbery pieces in bright colors – pattern making was fun.
Now we are on to a week of winter break – more board games during our ‘stay-cation’ and then a little romp somewhere new later in the week. How about you?

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