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I’d forgotten to post some pix from our synagogue’s Purim Carnival… always a fun event, and colorful in that the kids get to make their masks and costumes and nosh on jam filled hamantaschen. Enjoy some pix of one of the Jewish Holidays that – at least in this year -seems to usher in spring!

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Well when we finally made it to the Pittsford NY area to retrieve our kids, we found a great thing to do outdoors… check out some Civil War history. As always the kids had some interesting questions that only kids can come up with like; ‘where do the soldiers go to the bathroom?’ and ‘why don’t the kids have electronics?’ (ipads, to be specific). It was a hot day so I’m still surprised everyone was willing to wear all that clothing and hoop skirts. And I learned what a reticule is (Zoe is pointing to them in the photo below) … who knew?









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Another princess party; why do these fascinate me? Aside from the fact that I had my son first (and got thoroughly involved in his interests like ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ and cars) … and now all this ‘girl stuff’ feels NEW to me, perhaps? As if I’m adjusting to a whole new set of criteria to be aware of?

Or maybe I’m amazed at how Zoe and her girlfriends have an innate ability to coordinate princess outfits already?

I guess I’ve never really been a very ‘girlie’ girl growing up (or maybe my mom would disagree?) If I was, it didn’t really ever carry over to my parties and I don’t know that I ever enjoyed dressing like a princess. But Zoe seems to tolerate itchy fabrics and tripping on miles of tule better than I do.

I couldn’t help but but feel like an anthropologist watching the party-goers live in a princess-world for hours. But all my analysis aside, this party was just too cute NOT to share. With a ‘pin the kiss on the frog’ game, castle, crown-making and all (and those Zulily Fairy cupcakes and bags, amazing!)















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Every now and again I get the question: “is Zoe still dancing?” She is, and she loves it. She has a bunch of tutus and various outfits to wear to class – thanks to her Bubby and Grandma who supply the cutest ballet clothes to her on a regular basis. And look how much she’s grown since the last ballet post!

photo 32

photo 13

photo 23

photo 33

photo 12

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Some time ago we saw the Figment show at Governors Island – and I completely forgot about the photos I took until now. We love Governors Island because the kids always love a ride on the ferry, and the island is ‘car free’ so we can scoot and bike everywhere. The forts on the island are particularly interesting as well.
Of course being such a huge fan of tree houses – I found the piece by Benjamin Jones to be the most exciting piece in the show. You can see it in the photos below and it’s my newest dream house to date. The ‘giant hands’ were great too and Zoe loved the dress up aspect of the day.

(Another momma blogger from our ‘hood posted some images of Figment as well … check them out here – and note I’m not alone in my tree house lust!)

Looking at Manhattan from Governors Island:

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We have been going to this event for the last 3 years, and it’s become an annual family tradition. This past weekend we went and had a great time decorating cupcakes, getting faces painted, watching magic shows, climbing on fire trucks or through Moishe’s Storage box castle and – Ezra even got to dress up and play a character from Wicked. This year it seemed less ‘movie oriented’ and instead had a lot of tables run by kids raising money for their schools. We missed some things from last year like: the kid’s red carpet and booths where we usually have a flip book movie made of the 4 of us. But despite the oddly cold weather, the turnout was huge. It was so crowded by 11 a.m!

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Some time ago we read about The New York City Police Museum on the mommypoppins.com list of the 100 Top Things to Do with Kids Before They Grow Up. We finally got downtown to check it out. This old police precinct was turned into a site for exhibits (currently there’s one on 9-11 police response) and the downstairs level has some old police artifacts like uniforms, photos and pistols behind glass. There’s even an open jail upstairs that kids can try out, and a play area on the entrance level with a slide, 2 police vehicles to play on and miniature police uniforms to dress up in. The kids had so much fun – we are hoping to get back there again. It’s a great indoor option when you’re in the South Street Seaport area.
Have a great weekend!

Zoe watches a kid test for fast response!

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