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On a quiet rainy Sunday we got to go with E and Z’s dad to work. While my husband photographed this event, the kids took in this new visual stage play presented by China National Theater for Children at the Skirball Center at NYU. It was such a treat – the costumes were incredible and the stage set was so vivid. Both Zoe and Ezra were transfixed through the entire 90 minute performance. Even 2 year old Zoe didn’t protest once or try to run in the aisles as she usually does. It was a story about each animal of the Chinese Zodiac with a message of conservation at the end (a hint: the dragon is a symbol for ‘water’ in China), and the kids got to make their own masks out of recycled materials during a craft session before the show.

Zoe is ready for her first trip to the theater:

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One of my favorite New York holidays is Chinese New Year. In the past I’ve braved the crowds in Chinatown NYC, on Canal Street – until a mob pressed me and a tiny Zoe (then in my Ergo baby carrier against my chest) a little too hard and I got a little freaked out about bringing the kids back there. This time around we tried Chinese New Year in Flushing, Queens and I gotta say: this version is much more kid-friendly. There was a lovely parade and then the crowd broke up and promptly went to eat in one of the 40 top Cantonese restaurants – all located in this predominantly Asian-populated Queens neighborhood. As much as I missed the part where the dragons visit all the businesses (as is done in Manhattan), I was happy to be among a more tame crowd. And the kids had a great time watching marching bands and seeing the colorful costumes.
Year of the Dragon, here we come!

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