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E&Z’s dad got a great gig as the photographer for the World Science Festival, so on Sunday we got to find him working the end of the festival: at a fun street fair for kids. There were robotic birds and dinosaurs, some info on extinction and how to prevent it, and fun areas to see new inventions or build some fun things of our own. We love the mix of old and new technology and all that it had to teach us!
Check out the flying ‘penguin’ robot here, and click on the small images to view them larger:

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Ask any New Yorker with kids and they will probably cite this museum as their go-to option when the weather is dreary. It is the most popular kid museum in the city, and because it’s so huge you never really feel like tickets will sell out or that they will run out of space. Of course ever since it appeared in a 2006 movie (Night at the Museum) it’s become even more popular. I hear there are sleep-over nights for kids who want to mimic the movie – but for now Ezra and Zoe LOVE the Discovery Room. This quiet little zone allows the little ones to get off their feet after hiking through this massive building – and Ezra is bananas about playing ‘paleontologist’ while brushing away sand on the pretend fossils. The dinosaur bone puzzle is a treat and there’s an area with a display tree where kids can rummage through boxes and explore bugs and plant matter. Of course we always tend to favor the giant whale room and it’s displays of sea life, and the Hall of Biodiversity. Some day we will actually make it back upstairs to the dinosaur exhibit.

Hey Zoe is enjoying this too now!

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After a couple days home for spring break in Queens, we decided to take a road trip to see E&Z’s grandfather in Boston.
While there I finally got to take the kids to my favorite museum: I remember this place from numerous field trips when I was growing up in Boston. I couldn’t wait to take Ezra to the biology floor to see the models — I remember being as interested in this section as he was. One new exhibit was an area where one could even bike with a skeleton! The kids also loved the giant ball sculpture, an area about shadow and perspective, the dinosaur zone – and Ezra’s favorite part was where you could build your own fish and then watch it ‘live’ on a series of screens that depicted its virtual life (eating, and being eaten by other fish)! The current gecko show is pretty great too. There just isn’t enough time in a day to cover this place… we had so much fun.

Ezra loved learning how the escalator works!

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Nothing is better than visiting this beautiful zoo when it’s in full bloom during the spring time. It is however extremely crowded when Easter and Passover fall on the same weekend, and spring break is starting for school kids. Finding parking on the local streets was surprisingly easy – especially on weekends. Aside from seeing all sorts of animals there’s also a great petting area with cows, a Prairie Playground, some dinosaur bones and even a giant pizza to climb on!


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As I suspected here, we were destined to try on yet another science museum during our travels. I thought we’d revisit the Fort Lauderdale Science Museum which we love – but we found ourselves heading to West Palm and found the South Florida Science Museum instead. We loved the parks around this museum. We even did some of our photoshoot at Dreher Park (see Ezra by the banyan trees in the banner on this website). We loved the yellow submarine at the entrance of the museum, and inside there were a lot of dinosaur bones and sea life in tanks. I even got to see a live sea horse for the first time ever! South Florida Science was a bit older and dustier than Fort Lauderdale Science, but there were lots of exhibits that kids could touch and play with – which made it a great way to spend an overcast day in the end.

E and Z's cousin Tali explored the kid's research zone...

A dino got my baby!

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