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Our neighbor and friend (and great art teacher!) Deborah had a show at Socrates Sculpture Park.  It was so nice to contribute to her work by donating clothing to ‘clean’ in the river, AND the kids helped her carry loads back and forth to the water and then to the line.  Being part of the art!  There were other amazing pieces on display there for the summer including a baby grand piano that’s been turned into a home for bees!


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Deborah Wasserman started a great program here in Jackson Heights; one that keeps kids making art even when budget cuts and academic rigor take over some public school curriculum. Her Art For A Start classes have yielded some pretty remarkable projects that I last saw exhibited in a local cafe – and this time some beautiful ‘Ocean Dioramas’ caught our eye while passing by the window of a local pharmacy. Ezra loved these ‘fish tanks’ (as he likes to call them) and now wants to create more ‘box art’. Anyone who has known me since college knows how much box art I created in my day so – needless to say, I’m thrilled. These dioramas were created by various students aged 5-13.
Check out Deborah’s website at http://www.artforastartny.com and hang on to your shoe boxes, beach bits and blue paint for the next rainy day. Get inspired:

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