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Ok a graveyard doesn’t necessarily sound like a gorgeous spring-time outing, but this cemetery was amazing!  Not only are the grounds bursting with new growth and flowers, but there are famous characters buried here such as Leonard Bernstein, Boss Tweed, Charles Ebbets, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Horace Greeley.  We had to bring Zoe’s friend Hazel along who – at the tender age of 5 – is already VERY ‘into’ scary movies and cemeteries.  I hope to return here for a proper tour on a day that the green trolley buses are moving around giving tours.


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When you’re a parent you are very often under the impression that it’s the PARENT who does all the teaching. Well what a lovely surprise it was to have my children teach me something – about death. I was shocked that they wanted to ‘say goodbye to Papa’. There was a great deal of shielding going on.. shielding them from everything: an open casket, crying adults, the coffin at the cemetery. In the end they really insisted on seeing it all and partaking in it all – I was shocked at how well they handled it and how it was so cathartic for them. Who knew? And they taught me that death can be a moderately acceptable part of the cycle of life – especially if you learn a little about it early. Thank you Ezra and Zoe for being lovely grandchildren, and very wise kids.

photo from seattlepi.com

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