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Some little 7 year old lady had a bit of a ‘camping, donut decorating, s’mores’ themed birthday party that was cozy and fun!  We moved the furniture around so that we could accommodate a tent with holiday lights, as well as room for small tables to decorate donuts on. We played ‘pin the cherry on the ice cream’ and had the guests decorate a giant card for Zoe when they first arrived.  And of course a game of Twister in the mix doesn’t hurt either!
Happy 7th birthday gorgeous little gal!



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Seriously this girl can’t lose –

-Hello Kitty socks? check
-Frida Khalo headband? check
-stripy top to tie it all together? check

My daughter has become my stylist, and my style inspiration. She literally grimaces and calls me out when I don’t dress up to her standards. She will ask to get into my closet and pick my outfit out for me for the day – and encourages that I wear ‘clip clop shoes’ (heels) more often. ‘More color mamma’ or ‘get something with flowers’ is what she most often will advise me – and then jewelry. She rolls her eyes at my choices for small, modest jewelry and will insist I wear the big, bright (pink) pieces that she’s made for me at school. You are a lovely force to recon with little girl, and you really have inspired me to use more flair when I dress! I love my little fashionista.

(the only small jewelry she will tolerate is this tiny jingle-bell on a string that she made here:)

one must look fabulous for a day at the farm you know

one must look fabulous for a day at the farm you know

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How could I not post about today’s most exciting event: Zoe’s 4th Birthday! The creator of this fun fairy image wants to remain anonymous but I had to use it. Our fickle four year old still cannot decide if she likes fairies, princesses, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Dora or Doc McStuffins the best but heck, who needs to choose?

Happy birthday sweet little girl!

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 2.26.07 PM

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