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Ezra and his dad were invited to GMA for a father’s day grill off … which was postponed to the last day in June.  Their challenge was to create a side dish to compliment the main dish  (which was Tony Roma ribs).  They made Ezra’s great grandmother’s potato salad with some minor changes like mustard mixed in with mayo, home grown dill and keeping the skins on the red potatoes.  We won a grill and a year’s supply of ribs!  And best of all they got to meet the GMA crew:



Ezra gets a moment with George



from our TV at home I catch Ezra peeking at the camera!



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That is the question … posed in the cover story of the Personal Section of the Wall Street Journal today. My husband and kids sat for a whacky and fun photo session for the story (photo by ‘uncle Jeffie’ Jeff Coffin, sax player for the Dave Matthews Band and his own Mu’tet.) I am quoted as saying I find it counter-intuitive to stay in the room — when my kids are screaming (help! and stop! are usually the screams..) but the truth is I KNOW that on some level it must be good for them. I remember wrestling with my brothers and dad when I was younger and – at the very least – it eventually tired us out. What are your thoughts?

very silly photos by #jeffcoffin

very silly photos by #jeffcoffin



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First off, I have to apologize for neglecting the blog. We’ve been so busy with the end of the school year and a LOT of work for mom and dad (always a good thing in this economy, right?)

Ezra got a little one-on-one time with his grandfather and his dad this past weekend. He went to the Mets game which he hasn’t done since before Zoe was born. Apparently they went from sitting in the upper decks to moving on to the 2nd row on the third baseline — and Ezra even got to go home with a game ball! Ezra wouldn’t put the ball down for 2 days … taking it everywhere he went and comparing it to another signed baseball that his Bubby gave him years ago. Oh and he DID get to try Cracker-Jacks for the first time too!










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