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With warm weather comes more people traffic here in NYC. And more people traffic means more “people watching”. As a lifelong voyeur maybe this is why I’ve always loved New York. Cup of Jo blogged about a lovely way to take your mind off your own troubles yesterday; a way that combines prayer and people watching. And I was lead to this page of beautiful images of moments caught in the streets. It’s making me excited for this new season where we all bump into each other again, after being cooped up for so long. After a very long winter it seems New Yorkers come out from indoors smiling and unreasonably happy to strangers (not the city-dweller stereotype); making it even more fun to be here.

We are taking off for a little down-time and for a lovely Passover Seder with family on Monday night. We are looking forward to seeing family and new scenery in general. I hear we should be seeing a lot of cherry blossoms and warmer temps where we are going – which I’m excited about (even if I am now already a bit homesick!) Click on our Instagram button if you want to see our photos over the weekend and ..

Have a great weekend.

Photo from Cup Of Jo and http://www.humansofnewyork.com:

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 1.47.17 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 2.07.29 PM

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Cup Of Jo posted this illustration by Sarah Lazarovic yesterday and it cracked me up.. it’s so true! Four seasons do not quite feel like FOUR seasons here in NYC. We had that brief blurb of spring a couple days ago… I do plan on putting some photos on the blog of our attempts to bike and get outside but it’s almost depressing that it’s already gone – that fresh warmer air.
Oh well. We will find more adventure this weekend regardless of the cold so – stay tuned. And have a great weekend.

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 10.42.54 AM

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Speaking of modern museum life… we stood in line for a couple hours today trying to get into the MoMA’s new Rain Room Show (see a great post on it here.) Cup of Jo raves “Heavy rain pours down in an enormous room, but when you step into the rain, the area directly over your head dries up. So you can walk, dance and kiss in the rain without getting wet!”

However with all the rain going on OUTSIDE the museum, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about going into a Rain Room (especially if you’ve been waiting in line under an umbrella with antsy kids for too long). Oh well, we will try another day. But meanwhile here are a few shots from my office window of what May is looking like today. Rain blowing sideways and all. Ugh. (As you can see by my feet reflected in the last shot, I clearly didn’t dress for rain today.)

photo 3

photo 1

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Instagram shot by Ben Blair.

— Oh how I want to be Betty. I need to take the kids to Paris soon.

— YUM hot chocolate made with coconut milk!

— Have you seen these fireflies in Japan?

— E and Z’s dad deserves this great new mag for dads.

— I tried to design something like this in college but it didn’t turn out nearly as great.

— Get ready for valentine’s day – send some love in a box.

My stylist friend from Martha Stewart taught me that grey and white are great in kids’ rooms (or anywhere else). Here’s a great example.

Living small is a virtue.

— More beautiful bird nests.

— Something new I learned about this week: vertical gardens.

— Can I live here please? And Ezra will take the car.

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image by HonestlyWTF

image by HonestlyWTF

Happy Friday. Here are a few beautiful things we found this and last week – enjoy!

–I love the way the Seinfelds celebrate December.

–Nothing is more redeeming than seeing college-age kids dress the way I did when I was in college – (and if you know me, you’ll know why I love a post on strong brows).

Taza blog’s makeover and photos of Italy make my heart sing.

Cup of Jo’s great news and stylish pregnant attire.

A yummy winter meal.

–Our talented Jackson Heights neighbor Samarra really knows how to cut a snowflake!

–Have you seen the northern lights?

–I love the colors in Stella McCartney’s new line, and the coat proportions are hilarious. You get the impression that the models think so too.

–In an ideal world my family photos would be impromptu and black and white, like these beauties.

— I have to get back to Evolution for shells because this DIY earring idea is great!

Birds as architects.

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