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Ok how many moms out there cannot stand the question “are you getting enough sleep?” when you first had your babies?  At first I thought this was a kind gesture; making sure mamma is taking care of herself.  But then it very quickly dissolved into the always berating topic of whether or not you ‘properly taught your child how to sleep’ – as if sleeping is teachable? Of course I say this NOT coming from a place of researched science but instead from experience: I’ve always been that person who – as soon as my head hits a pillow – I think of everything going on in my own world, as well as in the world at large.  Anxiety? Creative imagination? Too much or too little exercise?  It shouldn’t have been at all surprising that my own babies didn’t love sleep – and then being tortured with all the expectations via books, well meaning friends/relatives, and forgetful older parents who insisted that their kids ‘slept just fine’ (and did their own homework without prodding, and were potty trained by age 1) – well it was just pouring salt on the wound.

My mamma friend Nia posted this gorgeous shot (below) of her little princess found again basking in the warm luxury that is the adult bed (my kids seem to think my bed is infinitely softer and warmer than theirs). She posed the question: “anyone else dealing with this?”  Many of us are, and many of us know the day will come that they won’t be so close and warm in our cozy beds anymore so … why fret the occasional tip toeing in after a nightmare?

Since our playground is made up of parents from everywhere, I often was reassured by a mom from Ghana or Columbia or India that ‘this sleeping alone thing is purely an American obsession, where you have the luxury of a big house’.  Hmmm – a new way to think about this.

Now I just have to get our dog Louie off my pillow.


Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.26.29 PM

Mocha Mommy found her little one in the big bed again!

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She is a bit of a terror lately … this 3 to 4 year old mark is tough.

She still manages to make her way to my bed each night, a habit we cannot seem to control. But she sure is cute when she wakes in the morning – a big warm ball of fuzzy little obstinate girl. Just waking to her world of new experiences, I can almost see the gears in her head moving when she puts some words together and (smart little thing) says “Bo-ker Tov” instead of good morning as soon as her eyes open. Then she jumps off the bed and tries to catch the sun spots in her mouth, and I realize how new she is to the world. How can I expect so much from her?




“um yum yum .. I eat all the spots like cookie monster” she says

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