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To New York Aquarium we go!  What better way to spend the first week of summer vacay then to get to the Coney Island area and check out some sealife?  This spot has been under years of renovation after the last hurricane hit .. and soon that big Shark Tank will be opening to the public!


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I use to love to photograph this parade back before I was married or had kids. I had nearly forgotten about it – and then somehow Zoe got wind of it and (being recently obsessed with mermaids) just had to partake in the mermaid fun. It was hot and super crowded, but since the kids are so tiny – they could get to the front of the crowd and see the costumes. Ezra – being the good natured brother that he is – even got dressed up as King Neptune for Zoe’s enjoyment. In the end I think Mayor DeBlasio even approached Ezra and gave him a gold coin while dressed like a pirate. The crowds were so thick that people started climbing the scaffolding on the sidewalks – but in the end it was worth it. (By the way – Zoe painted her shells herself!)


















Mayor De Blasio and family seen here… shot by Associated Press

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Remember this from last summer? This year the kids are tall enough to try more rides.
Here are some Coney Island pictures to enjoy – before the summer is over (how DID it go by so fast?!):

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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After going to the bumper cars, we had to check out the new and improved boardwalk of amusement rides – now called Luna Park. I was pleasantly surprised by how new and clean and safe all the equipment seemed. Unfortunately I think Ezra inherited my fear of all things that spin too fast or go too high into the air (and Zoe is too young to want to ride most of it) so we didn’t do much riding. BUT it was fun to check it all out and watch E&Z’s DAD try on the trickier rides on his own.
Of course no trip to Coney Island is complete without a stop at Totonno’s Pizza on Neptune Ave. Totonno’s is the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the U.S. run by the same family AND was supposedly a favorite hang for the Ramones. When I was a single gal I always loved going here for a pie after photographing the Mermaid Parade – so it was great to finally get to share Totonno’s with my kids.

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There’s been a lot of talk about driving go-carts or bumper cars in our house (like, for 2-3 years now) since Ezra is so obsessed with cars. The problem is, Ezra has to be at least 42-45 inches tall to actually DRIVE any of these things rather than just ride along. Finally he reached the 42 inch mark and we indulged him with a trip to Coney Island for some bumper car fun. I think he was put off by the ‘bump’ part of this activity and just wanted to drive around and around in circles. (He also needed a bumper car employee to eventually get into the car with him, since he barely reached the pedals.) In the end I think he loved it though.
I can’t wait to show him some go-cart fun but that is several more inches away. Meanwhile he’s drinking as much milk as he can these days – hoping for a growth spurt.

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