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And when it’s so cold, we’ve got lots of museum going to do!  Gotta keep it creative to keep the kids occupied (entertained is more like it) while taking in culture.

There was a weekend of revisiting the Met and PS1 shows to keep us from going stir crazy indoors –

At PS 1 Moma we found a room with shimmery streamers to enter : photo 1

and waterfalls projected on glass (Angie Keefer)!
photo 2

Lifesize momma love by artist John Ahearnphoto 4

magic corners of rooms by Mary Beth Edelson
photo 1

And batons that talk if you keep the connection (by Christine Sunkim)photo 2

And at the Met Zoe discovered a love of selfies, and proves that sometimes life really does imitate art:

photo 3photo 5

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It’s back to being cold here of course, and when we make that first foray to Central Park and then realize that we are freezing – it’s always great to pop into The Met Museum (again) for warmth and an afternoon of sketching sculpture.

Zoe's favorite purple Klimt

Zoe’s favorite purple Klimt

Explaining to Ezra why we cannot afford a Picasso

Explaining to Ezra why we cannot afford a Picasso


lots of still subjects to sketch

lots of still subjects to sketch




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