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The kids loved exploring Art Tech last week – a pop up event of kid art and technology activities that they could explore.  For some reason the ‘large ball pit’ is so much more challenging than little balls.  I love how hands-on everything was … making cars in the ‘Velocity’ learning zone, racing them down various tracks, building structures with gears and brackets, and a wall that had pivoting tiles that react to your shadow.  Tomorrow is the last day to try this out so check it out while you can!



this wall’s tiles move when a shadow passes over! So cool! attachments-5attachments-6attachments-7attachments-8IMG_7461


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Zoe is older now and can really enjoy this museum more than the last time we were there. It was so great to watch her create! I think we have a little artist in the family. And Ezra loves the Clay Bar where we made little figures of plasticine, then were able to make stop-motion animation with it. This has become one of his favorite museum activities (he’s stolen my digital camera to do it at home as well.)
There were Irish singers and story tellers for St Patrick’s Day art fun, and of course lots of new friends for Zoe to meet at the easels. And Flubber! How could we forget the Flubber station?
















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We might be creatures of habit because we were back here again at the DUMBO Art Festival. We even ran into Brooklyn bloggers from Sweetfineday.com and I have to admit – I’m so smitten with their blog that I felt like we were in the presence of celebrities-of-sorts (the baked goods! the photography!) And like them, we too were happily trapped in the glass box surrounding the carousel for a bit before doing some art in the rain. String art, spin art, looking at back-pack art and enjoying the ‘solar paneled sculpture’ that charged iphones (E loved this). The sun popped back out again and it proved to be a great day for creating and exploring.

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We went back here to the Children’s Museum of Art, where we could see a fun installation of Misaki Kawai’s work. The kids got to pat and comb a giant room-sized pink fur dog, and could take down some costumes and wear them during this very hands-on, kid friendly exhibit. And as always there are lots of materials in the various art rooms to create with, as well as a room full of balls for romping in after all that art!


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