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Before spring break Zoe had the sweetest ballet recital. It took some convincing to get her to tone down her hair accessories and to wear only pink (and not gold and purple too). The teachers did some of their own dancing at the end and awarded their students with little bags of ballet treats, books, stickers and a tiara each!
There were some shy girls that got a little too fearful to get up and dance – but Zoe was there, pressing on with her older friend Ruby. The show must go on!











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One thing I’ve regretfully learned about having a second child is this: that poor child spends a great deal of time chasing after his/her older sibling’s schedule and doesn’t get nearly as much attention as they should. For the first time in a long time I went to a movement class with Zoe – and only Zoe – in mind. It was fun. In fact, I was even a little reminiscent of the time when I took Ezra to these classes with lots of reference to animals, lots of instruments to handle with little fingers and then ‘clean up’ by placing back into the ‘to be disinfected’ bin, and a game of gathering-under-the-parachute at the end. These things all become ‘old hat’ when you have your second or third child. Poor Zoe hasn’t been as obsessed about, or as dragged-to-trial-classes as her brother because frankly — we just don’t have as much time to do it. But the funny thing is .. she was more capable of falling right into the thick of it all. She did appreciate this little movement class at the Rubin Museum. In fact, it was fascinating to see her personality come out. While Ezra would cling to me in these situations, Zoe was assertive and downright competitive about racing ‘like a snake’ on the foamy floor mats. What a gift she is, contradicting all that I got familiar with in raising Ezra. I had to chuckle when the instructors proudly announced that the children would be able to paint their OWN animal faces on — this is something that ONLY people without children would think of: as Zoe a.) tried to eat the paint off the brush b.) made a huge mess of her clothes and c.) used the red paint that didn’t come off for days. But it was all worth it in the end.
We hope to get back this Friday – but we will probably avoid the red paint this time.

Zoe's best friend Mia rings the 'good bye' bell..

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