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Did it seem like it was winter just a day or 2 ago?  That’s how it goes here in NYC – cold to hot.  Usually we like to enter this museum (AMNH) for all the great science exhibits but on a day as hot as this one… the sprinklers outside are just too enticing!

Meanwhile Louie has taken to lounging wherever it’s cool and Zoe is finding more creative reading spots:


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Once in awhile Zoe gets the urge to have me paint her tiny finger and toe nails, and Ezra just cannot resist getting a little attention along with her. When he asked to have his nails painted pink, my husband and I felt compelled to make him aware of the fact that other 8 year old boys at school may find this unusual, or ‘girlie'(even though we try NOT to buy into gender stereotypes: they ARE out there and he has just started in a new school.) I let Ezra know that if he wanted to take the color off, I had remover — and all he had to do is let me know.
I was pleasantly surprised the following day after school – when we asked him if anyone liked his nails, he said ‘yes’ and that he even inspired another boy to paint his nails as well! Do you remember this silliness in the news when Jenna Lyons painted her son’s nails on the JCrew site?


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