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What can I say?  This museum impressed me more than I had expected it to.  I thought I’d be checking out old vessels and vases, perhaps some old dish ware and corning glass or Pyrex plates.  I was so wrong!  Not only did the history of the development of glass and fiber optics keep me engrossed, but then the gallery of modern art/design and hands-on glass blowing studios could keep me entertained for hours.  Check out the art here – http://www.cmog.org/collection/galleries/art-design.  The mile of black glass beaded rope by Liza Lou is incredible, as was the Chihuly .  I love seeing an age-old material be used in new ways like this!


a Chihuly:


a detail of the ‘Continuous Mile’ piece:

crows pick over a fallen glass chandelier piece:

frame made of white opaque glass: IMG_8683IMG_8685

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Grandma took us all to see The Nutcracker while we were in the Rochester area during our long Thanksgiving weekend. We love the Chihuly glass chandelier in the lobby, and we all loved the danseur who performed the Russian dance. The Rochester City Ballet did an excellent job and I’m amazed our kids lasted through the performance (even Zoe!) without stirring too much, considering cousins Jake and Tali were there with us – adding to the fun.

Photos courtesy of the Rochester City Ballet website

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