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This boy gave a big portion of his bar mitzvah $$$ gifts to the local food pantry where he volunteers, and they sure did stock up on necessities for fall! ¬†We can’t believe how much they could purchase with his donation .. I’m so proud of my boy for paying it forward.



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I’m always at a bit of a loss with what to do on Christmas Day. This year I did something I was always curious about: we explored Manhattan while everyone else was in unwrapping gifts. As I had hoped, the tourist crowds were minimal and we could see the windows and lights on Fifth Avenue without having to struggle to see over other heads!
We then checked out the huge tree at The New York Palace Hotel before heading downtown for lunch. Best of all we got to do another holiday mitzvah – while strolling downtown we ran into a family who were feeding the homeless community in Tompkins Square Park, and Ezra wanted to jump in and help! He and my husband handed out food before we headed home for the night. I think we now have a new tradition for December 25.









and heading downtown to the East Village we found this cool 3D graffiti:


handing out food in Tompkins Square Park:


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Our local Diversity Plaza is keeping a memorial and communication center up for people still desperately hoping to hear from loved ones back home. They’ve also been collecting donations to help – and Erza and Zoe are donating with some matched $$$s from their grandparents (thanks!) Here are some photos of the plaza filled with candles and little post-it notes of prayers of hope:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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At Thanksgiving E and Z’s grandparents challenged the kids to take $20 each and do something giving before the year was out. We utilized Ezra’s $20 by buying a requested hamburger and coke for a homeless man in midtown (we added some fruit and healthy breakfast options with the $ left over.) A day or two after we passed this meal on, I saw the very same man posted on humansofny instagram. (By the way Zoe is due to pass on $20 worth of diapers to a local women’s shelter. Mitzvah accomplished!)



from humansofny instagram

from humansofny instagram

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At times we complain about how noisy our neighborhood is, and about the things that don’t work in the community. But then there is a moment like this … where neighbors, friends and strangers all convene in the same little park and put together ways to make money for the victims of Sandy – and it just confirms that we are raising our kids in the right place.

Aside from being the hot spot to donate blankets, clothes, flashlights, batteries and water – Playstreet – (a street devoid of traffic, now becoming a permanent community plaza) became a site for a bake sale where everyone brought their home baked goods to sell for the cause. There were sweet and savory things: delicious Indian food, sloppy Joes, bags of home popped popcorn – even Justin Bieber cupcakes! And look who joined in to sell pumpkin cookies? Some little girls created a manicure stand, and one sweet little boy even dragged out his toys and books to sell – all handing the money over to buy more flashlights, batteries and water. I hear that over $4000 in all was collected over the weekend. Way to go Jackson Heights!

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So far our stay-cation has included tooling around Brooklyn for a day. We went to a Charity Bazaar and found some frog rain boots for Zoe, more board games and a ton of great kid books. We had the kids romp in a playground for a bit, and then went to a movie prop house that once resided in Queens. It’s nice to be exploring the boroughs while everyone else is away. Sometimes the parks are quieter – while all the other families are vacationing or in NYC museums.

Yay! No uniform and lots of outdoor time with friends!

Zoe gets a new purple coat from friends..

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