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Every year my side of the family rounds up to do some gift opening and general holiday cheer.  This year we were even gifted with a little dusting of snow from Mother Nature… not enough to keep loved ones from traveling, but enough to make the setting seem perfect.  And tonight, we start our own Chanukah candle lighting …

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Our fireplace is up and running, just in time for the holiday of light and warmth.


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This from http://www.rmsbeauty.com instagram. Don’t let the true meaning of December holidays pass you by:

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We were back in Rochester to see family – where there were 8 inches of snow waiting for us. The kids loved sledding, eating turkey and lighting candles all in the same weekend! And the song lyrics ‘over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go’ had new meaning to the kids while we pulled them through the woods out back…
(see how warm last Thanksgiving was, here!)









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Yup. Most people have chips and dip at their house but my new-found snack is gelt dipped in peanut butter. Yum! I’ve read various other things to do with gelt (put in a blender to add to milk shakes or smoothies) but really I can’t hold out to process them any further than getting them out of their thin, tight little gold wrappers. I’ve maybe made the effort to cut up bananas and sandwich a slice between 2 pieces of gelt (somehow I’ve convinced myself that this is a slightly healthier take on the Oreo) — it’s no wonder I’m loosening my belt, over gelt!

Next year I promise not to buy the humongous bulk pack from Costco.
What are YOU snacking on this weekend?


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Look at my beautiful Chanukah gift! With the guidance of their dad, Ezra and Zoe made a repainted painting just for me! I love it. I think there was a crazy painting of a cowboy under all this new paint, so I far prefer this version and it was ‘signed’ by the artists with their handprints!

(See our older repainted paintings here!)




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It’s so nice that Chanukah started on a Saturday this year… isn’t it? We had a nice relaxing start to the day – the kids dragged around treat bags that they made with grandma last year and filled them with their chosen gift to open for the day. I know you’ve seen Chanukah spelled at least 3 different ways on this blog – It was only a few years ago when I learned that there are multiple spellings.
This year Zoe is so excited by lights and gifts that it’s made Ezra a bit more enthusiastic about the holiday, so we are very much in the spirit this year.








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