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This usually means getting to see the holiday store windows (while everyone else is home opening gifts – no crowds!) and of course a sushi dinner out.  Check out the very sweet cake and candy inspired windows from Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue below! We hope you are having a sweet week as well (on to some New Year’s fasting next week, perhaps?) Meanwhile check out this cool video of how they put together the Bergdorf Goodies …. my dream job! Click here or go to:




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It helps to have a pro (E and Z’s dad) take the photos… especially when the gardens are not yet blooming and not quite photogenic!

More shots of the mad dash to find eggs and candy in our yards!

(Greg Kessler photos)



Asher mixes Purim with Easter


shaking out one last egg!

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and we are winding down December with the last of gingerbread-house making at school, visits to see family in Boston (note the New England tree with lobster, fisherman, and lighthouse ornaments) and a trip to Brooklyn where Industry City had a great ‘Mexican Christmas’ party and display of blinky snowmen. I for one am looking forward to a quieter winter break before New Year’s Eve…

Some scenes from Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.19.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.20.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.20.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.20.33 PM

for Zoe, more is more when it comes to house decorating

for Zoe, more is more when it comes to house decorating

so many snowmen!

so many snowmen!

if she could, she would definitely have a Quinceañera party to wear one of these dresses

if she could, she would definitely have a Quinceañera party to wear one of these dresses

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As if NYC needs another brilliant candy store, right? (Remember our trip to this one and this one?) Well while walking around the upper east side we were drawn into this great place. Zoe is still obsessing about getting her ears pierced… just to be able to get the sweet cupcake packaging with a new pair of earrings. And both mom AND daughter want a dress made of candy now! Have a sweet weekend –








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An advantage to living in a city as diverse as Jackson Heights, Queens is that we get to learn about all different kinds of holidays. Our friends had a holiday round up on the 6th of December and we all got to talking about Sinterklaas. We do have some friends who really leave their shoes out with carrots in them for the night, in hopes of getting treats in their shoes in the morning. We got to talking about how HUGE gifts cannot fit into tiny kid’s shoes and how the American Christmas seems so over-the-top by comparison. Imagine trying to fit a Wii or PS gaming station system into tiny shoes?
I love this kind of December holiday mash up where – to add to the mix – a Brazilian family brought little cups of chocolate and sweetened condensed milk (called brigadeiro) for dessert as their contribution to holiday cheer! (see these and other pix on instagram)

on the way we find the florist's window filled with fake snow and a miniature train..

on the way we find the florist’s window filled with fake snow and a miniature train..

photo 2

Mia samples the brigadeiro

Mia samples the brigadeiro

inspecting the candy that we found in our shoes!

inspecting the candy that we found in our shoes!

Zoe loves babies dressed like candy canes!

Zoe loves babies dressed like candy canes!

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Well it was a can of crazy here late last week, but somehow miraculously (with the help of grandparents) we managed to get kids in costumes and out to parties. Four parties in our ‘alley’ alone! By the way, the ‘alley’ is our back drive, filled with children and great neighbors, and described by others in the hood as the equivalent of moving ‘into Sesame Street’. You will hear a lot about it on the blog I’m sure. What a great, warm receptive group of neighbors we have. Ezra was a Dinobot and Zoe was one of the thousands of Elsas on the street… but I still think she was the prettiest. Who needs candy when all this other fun is going on?












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Economy Candy at 108 Rivington Street is another thriving business in the Lower East Side that has a.) been standing since 1937 and b.) been run by the same Jewish family for all these years. Their mission is to sell good candy at a good price – and now the place is somewhat of a museum of candies from the past as well as candy of the present. Remember candy cigarettes and Pez? See more oldies here on their website and check out the store jam packed with yummy cavity inducing stuff in the photos below (it reminded me a bit of our last candy store run here).












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