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While we were out by the beach we finally got a chance to explore this garden and home.  It is usually closed when we are out there, but somehow we landed on a day where the grounds were open to the public.  The artist and writer Robert Dash use to live here and apparently we were able to meet his sweet dog – Barnsley – who barks when you LEAVE the premises, but not when you arrive!


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We encountered another car show on Long Island.  Classic cars and (especially) modern cars make Ezra a happy boy!  It was an amazingly sunny day to be outdoors and – ironically – we even biked over to this car show, so as to not cause more traffic.


Have a great weekend!



sister joins in on the fun – especially when their are pink cars around


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Once again we tripped off to Bridgehampton Barn – and right in the middle of the hurricane week.  Somehow shockingly we got a day of sun and strange misty, foggy weather.  We love going to this beach – where we married – to toss bread crumbs or do ‘tashlich‘ for the High Holidays.  I wrote about tashlich for my synagogue’s newsletter this year, because it’s a special tradition that me and the family like to do on Rosh Hashanah.  It’s especially nice to do it at the beach – a pensive place when all the tourists are away, as they tend to be gone when September comes around.   This 2 day break was really restorative!


Ezra pulled this bench to this spot, and felt inspired to draw!


outdoor breakfasts and beach



the waves got so large!


a calm inlet away from huge waves for the littler ones


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Cooler weather is already creeping in here, and just a couple weekends ago we made our last treks to beaches and sand. First we camped at Cedar Point near East Hampton, then returned to our barn in Bridgehampton to seal the deal on relaxing before school and work and schedules take over. We got to quickly run into the South Fork Natural History Museum before heading home, and promise to spend more time there next summer.


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I feel like last October we ran amok with wayyyyy too many pumpkin outings. This fall we are wrangling with a beast of a house renovation and tons of packing so this may be one of the very few pumpkin posts for this year. Let’s see how it all goes with getting out of Home Depot and into the fall foliage this month. Meanwhile here are some shots of our trip back to Hank’s, where we at least got a taste of the season (and some pumpkin and apple-cider donuts – yum!)








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Our barn had a big backyard to frolic in, with benches made of logs and ride-on toys strewn about. The kids loved playing with little animals on the windowsill, and I loved the overgrown ivy on the shuttered window in our loft bedroom. The nights were punctuated with s’more-making sessions and sweet sleepovers under mosquito nets. We will miss summer and the lobster, corn and tomatoes.

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While I don’t yet have shots of the kids frolicking in colorful leaves, rest assured that fall seems to already be upon us. Unlike last year (I remember it being warm, or downright HOT until Halloween last year) we are getting cooler weather and leaves sticking to the car windshield already. Believe it or not, I already got what seems like the flu or a chest cold – that has knocked me out so hard I couldn’t even blog. Or take pictures. Or play with my kids. So I apologize for the slow posting but thankfully there was another mamma on hand with iphone and Instagram (thank you Ina!) She took these cute shots of E and Z and their friends Lea, Mia and Brad romping in cornfields – and one very last romp on the beach – while we went back to the Bridgehampton barn where me and my husband were married. And just as on our wedding day, the waves were huge and rowdy in an oddly soothing way that could lull you to sleep on the beach.

Photos by Ina Seow

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