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Hmmmm Ezra seems to need his privacy more and more often these days. Can you see the cryptic message he spelled out in crayons, bandaids and toy cars on his bedroom floor?


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I made a lemon cake, with lemon icing and spelled his name out in blueberries (of course he ate only the fruit and left the cake to his sweet-obsessed sister). He got a new Bruder truck and he and his sister surprised ME – by putting tiny party hats on their ‘friends’ in the bedroom:




new truck, and if you'll notice he lost a bottom tooth on the eve of his birthday! Can you see the gap?

new truck, and if you’ll notice he lost a bottom tooth on the eve of his birthday! Can you see the gap?

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It just so happened that – right after Ezra’s march and fight for more electric cars – there happened to be a Fuel Efficient Car Show in Bedford NY. Of course we had to take him to see the Teslas (his favorite car to date) and various other models with fuel efficiency being at the core of their engineering. I think this is the first time he has ever seen a giant bow on the top of a car .. and he kind of loved the idea of getting one some day for his birthday. I think in his 6 year old fantasies he would drive around with the bow affixed to the car forever!








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E and Z had to be in New Jersey this weekend for their cousin Sophia’s birthday party. They had their first Gymboree experience and then needed to run off the cake and sugar – so we took them to the nearby Terhune Orchards in Princeton.
We’ve been here before with the cousins in the spring and fall, but it was nice and quiet this past Saturday at about 3:30. We got a chance to ride on all the play tractors, saw an old car, and Zoe loved saying ‘good night’ to all the animals before they closed up at 5pm. It turned out to be a weekend of feeding goats.. as we visited yet another farm on the following day as well.

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