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We skipped off to the country for some much needed lake, tennis and blueberry picking .  Somewhere along the way we found Michael Wainwright’s studio – where they had a day of free pizza, ice cream and ceramic painting/enameling that the kids loved!  And of course we couldn’t miss a day at the Lime Rock  again to check out some more speedy cars.



painted and ready for heat


pieces going into the kiln


some finished products



this and next photo by Greg Kessler




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While in Cornwall CT we like to get a road trip in … to Great Barrington Mass. This time around the weather was not so freezing cold like our last trip, and we were able to do some blueberry picking at Windy Hill Farm. Our cousins Jake and Tali surprised us – and joined us as they were driving home from a vacation in Massachusetts. We convinced them to come back to CT with us, and had double the amount of blueberries for dessert and breakfast!

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