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image by HonestlyWTF

image by HonestlyWTF

Happy Friday. Here are a few beautiful things we found this and last week – enjoy!

–I love the way the Seinfelds celebrate December.

–Nothing is more redeeming than seeing college-age kids dress the way I did when I was in college – (and if you know me, you’ll know why I love a post on strong brows).

Taza blog’s makeover and photos of Italy make my heart sing.

Cup of Jo’s great news and stylish pregnant attire.

A yummy winter meal.

–Our talented Jackson Heights neighbor Samarra really knows how to cut a snowflake!

–Have you seen the northern lights?

–I love the colors in Stella McCartney’s new line, and the coat proportions are hilarious. You get the impression that the models think so too.

–In an ideal world my family photos would be impromptu and black and white, like these beauties.

— I have to get back to Evolution for shells because this DIY earring idea is great!

Birds as architects.

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Whew! Spring Break and traveling is over … but the weather here had been SO amazing that we just could not seem to justify hanging out indoors. (At least not until temps dropped this week.) Of course Zoe is not only obsessed with the little sister of Ezra’s friend Lea (asking ‘see Mia?’ every morning when she wakes up) but she also now has a thing about patting animals or just seeing live animals in general. So with that fueling us – we took a short trip to our local Queens Zoo. I have to say – I was hugely impressed with this little zoo. I think I’ve spent so much more time at the larger zoos (Bronx) and had been frustrated with how distant the animals are. (As much as I love to see them roam freely it can be rough pointing out a camouflaged animal to a toddler for the first time.) The Queens Zoo seems to have exhibits that are built around the viewer’s paths, without trapping the animals in small pens. And what an amazing aviary they have! Just a walk on the inside of the dome was great – and viewing birds in their habitats was a bonus as well. There’s a petting zoo at the end, and a fun playground area with a migration theme that got my little birds ready to fly home (only 30 blocks from us by bus or train.) Thanks to Lea and Mia for reminding us of this local fun!

Sadly this big guy frightened Zoe away!

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We affectionately refer to this area as Butterscotch Park (after a rabbit by the same name who lived there last spring) but it’s really called the Rusk Institute’s Glass Gardens at NYU’s Medical Center. It was the site of Ezra’s first kiss – so it holds a lot of memories for us even though sadly this playground is slated to be demolished in March of 2013 to make room for more medical center. Zoe got to visit with her little friend Mia while the weather was so warm. We hope to get back here a lot before this sweet play area is gone.

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