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Well yes, we are already back at it.  This summer really did just fly by and now we are back to the grind again.  Ezra is entering middle school/6th grade and Zoe is loving 2nd grade.  I can’t believe how quickly these kiddos are growing … can you?


big kids hanging on our front stoop


Zoe carefully laid out her outfit the night before


she’s back with the gang! Zoe, Enna, Rosalie, Annisa, Kensington and Paris

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Some Kidvice about going back to school and what makes a good teacher … check it out!



Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.49.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.50.07 PM


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Another first week of school is starting, and these 2 look happy in the photos but are really having a hard time with getting back to the grind.  We had such a great summer of lying about in the heat and reading, or jumping into city pools, tending the garden and eating from the garden.  Summer is just too dang short really – if I could home school them I would.  They are just that enjoyable to be around.

photos by their dad



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Well I didn’t even get to blog about our long Labor Day weekend or some of our final lazy days of summer, and wham! Here it is, the first day of school. Ezra is transitioning into a new (humongous) school and handled it like a trooper this a.m. Zoe is returning to her school for a full day and UPK classes – and she is definitely ready for it. My husband and I just noted that this is the first time in 8 years that we have a full 6 hours of alone time during the weekdays. Have we taken the attachment parenting thing too far? I already miss them – but look at how much they’ve grown (compare to last year by clicking here) !



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Truth be told, this is the first summer I’ve had ‘off’ in 20-something years. This is the first summer I’ve had to enjoy with my kids since they were born (6 years). I thought we’d be bored and stir crazy, I thought we’d be climbing the walls and yelling at each other. It was just the opposite and now the summer has flown by… I can’t even believe that this week work starts, school starts, routine starts. And soon there will be cooler weather and bigger coats to lug around. But for now these are the things I will miss about this summer of 2012:
1.) lemonade stands
2.) car washes that double as a kid baths
3.) obsession with go karts
4.) water balloons and preoccupation with any form of water
5.) climbing rocks at Central Park
5.) Mia’s (Zoe’s BFF) obsession with flowers everywhere
6.) dirty little toes in sparkly impractical sandals
7.) Saturdays when streets are closed off for pedestrians
8.) street vendor food!!!! (our only non-vegetarian indulgence these days)
9.) delicious summer freckles
10) Olympic themed birthdays (and the Summer Olympics in general)
11.) cozy coupes still occupying my kids (and friends) for hours
12.) Zoe frocks!

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