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While it was super hot last week we turned to crafting indoors and staying by the air conditioner. I had the kids decorate their own wood blocks with this cool BLOCKS & crafts kit that can be found on Etsy. It’s an ideal project for Zoe’s budding dexterity, and yet Ezra is now at the age where he can glue the items on in an organized way (and on straight, which was sometimes a challenge for Zoe!) Now we just need to think of a baby friend to pass them on to. Such a great DIY idea for a baby showers too.







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Every now and again I get the question: “is Zoe still dancing?” She is, and she loves it. She has a bunch of tutus and various outfits to wear to class – thanks to her Bubby and Grandma who supply the cutest ballet clothes to her on a regular basis. And look how much she’s grown since the last ballet post!

photo 32

photo 13

photo 23

photo 33

photo 12

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This creative mamma has found something to do while baby sleeps (or doesn’t sleep?) We made a birth announcement similar to this when Ezra was born but didn’t continue it in a series, and didn’t get this clever.

Photos by Adele Enerson.
This one right here… the cheeks. They kill me.

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Late last week my posts were riddled with typos (I think I corrected the spelling of Terhune Orchards 3 times) and generally all over the place. I am finally weaning Zoe and well … it’s just been hard. Sleep deprivation aside (tenacious Zoe was protesting loudly for hours in the night), this IS my last baby after all so I think I’m having a hard time parting with this ritual. I was almost relieved to find this article via Cup of Jo – reminding me of what I might expect. I think a trip away alone this weekend – the first in 5 years – might’ve helped matters, but might also make the Ezra Zoe blog a bit sparse this week since I wasn’t photographing their sweet, cute little mugs on Saturday.

Last of the feedings. I will miss it.
last of the feedings.  I will miss them.

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