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When Zoe started this theater camp, I’m not sure she was as thrilled with it as she was last year.  But little by little she made more friends, got a key role as a mischievous moth, and stole the show with her onstage cartwheels.  In the end she made a few new friends, and got over her stage fright !



what a fun and crazy crew!

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Zoe also attended a theater camp this summer, the same group that Ezra enjoyed last year. We were so pleased to hear that she got to act as an ‘old lady’ – as she’s been good at this for years (at age 2 she use to pretend she was a librarian with glasses and a cane!) Not only did Zoe get to color her hair silver gray for every show, but she also had 41 lines to memorize and an ‘imaginary dog named muffin’. Best of all, she added an English accent to her character’s traits (and kept it up for the whole show!) Kudos Zoe!


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Ezra and Zoe both took part in theater camp this summer (Zoe’s post soon to come..!)

Ezra had to audition for this Wingspan program.  He went into a casting call in the spring; drumming and singing ‘You Know I’m No Good’ by Amy Winehouse and wowing the crowd.  When he was accepted, we were so proud but also excited to see what new Manhattan “acting kids” Ezra would get to know.

They were a fun and kind crew, and – as it turns out – so thoroughly jazzed about theater that they do this kind of thing all year ’round.  For Ezra and I it was fun to catch the E train to Times Square every morning to get him to the theater district (although my feet wore out quickly with the arduous commute, it’s pretty rare that a kid goes to camp in Times Square every day!) For Ezra, it was exposure to more creative middle school-aged kids, who don’t mock each other for wanting to sing and dance.

‘Dancing’ – it turns out – is the hardest thing Ezra had to do.  He can sing, he can drum, he can act… but all that dancing nearly broke him.  In a sense he was happy to rise to the challenge but it was challenging for him to stick with it in the beginning of the summer.

The end result was this delicious little rendition of ‘James and the Giant Peach’ – a favorite Roald Dahl book brought to life on the stage with some fun singing and dancing.  I love the very ‘Wes Anderson’ costumes and props, and in the end Ezra got a glimpse of theater life on the great White Way. I’m proud of him for seeing it through – and next year he claims he wants “race car or drumming camp”.


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.46.58 PM

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While Zoe was doing her garden camp, Ezra tried on drama camp at an Astoria School.  Serious  Fun offered a chance for kids to pull together a play in 6 weeks.  Some kids tackled sound and lights, others painted backdrops and gathered wardrobe.  Ezra got to hone his acting chops – as “Mike” in Homeroom – and we are so so proud of his solo!  What a talented cast!

See it here:


the crowd grows while anxious kids stay behind the curtain


kids managing music and lights


decorations outside in the halls make you feel like you are really in the school with the play!


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Well here’s what’s been going on here: we had a dusting of snow that lasted for all of a couple of hours and then melted away as rain within the same day.  It was pretty enough to photograph but didn’t linger long enough to turn into snowmen.  My Jewish kids were once again tapped for their acting skills – as Zoe played the Grinch in the school play just as her brother did 3 years ago.  I’m glad the school hung on to that backdrop that I made all those years ago!  This year was spruced up with a sled made from the janitor’s cart – it was Zoe’s favorite scene, riding in that thing.  We got to squeeze in a kid-version mash up of Swan Lake and Nutcracker called ‘Ballerina Swan‘.  Zoe loves posing with the dancers!



Zoe’s classmates from front left: Haitia, Isabella, Grace and Annissa



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Once again E and Z’s dad scored us some early viewing tickets to Cinderella. The kids were encouraged to dress up like prince and princess and we had some free popcorn and soda. The movie by the way is gorgeous… the costumes are amazing. And Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother, Cate Blanchett as the step mother? Incredible casting! If you asked the kids for their reviews it would go pretty much like this: Ezra loved the talking mice, and Zoe loved the big blue swirly dress. There’s a sweet little short film about Elsa and Anna to start the show as well, which the kids also loved.





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It was actually 2 weekends ago that we went to see this performance of Pippin at St Anne’s School in Brooklyn. Our friend made all 65 costumes for the cast, so in part we go to support her – but more importantly my kids just LOVE watching other kids perform. And this show was outstanding! Ezra and Zoe cannot stop singing some of the tunes from the show. And as a new rule – I try to take the kids to shows where children are in the cast. It helps keep their attention!





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The kids have been doing monthy Extreme Yeladim Jewish learning classes with Rabbi Wood (who we are nuts about) at the Reform Temple of Forest Hills. It’s a lot of hands-on learning about the Torah and holidays – and this month they learned about family and respecting parents through drama and acting! Ezra was shy for about 10 minutes and then he and Zoe launched into some major involvement . They worked together ‘as a machine’ with their peers and ended the class with a play put on about having a new sibling. Interestingly enough, our upstairs neighbors Ezra and Sam were there and – since they are twins – there was much debate as to whether or not there should be 1 or 2 babies in Zoe’s belly. (Yes, she played ‘the mom’.) She was hilarious with a handkerchief stuffed under her shirt!

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

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Ezra’s teacher told us – the night before Ezra’s play – that he would need a wolf costume to perform in. All I have to say is thank GOODNESS we know someone who use to work with some of the puppets for Broadway’s  Lion King and has mad crafting skills.  Thanks mamma Loren and Brad for lending us a wolf costume. We couldn’t have pulled this one off without you! See the morning of the play, and then Ezra on stage in the photos below –

photo 1

photo 2



Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 10.38.50 AM

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