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We usually drive by the center of Kent Connecticut – but this time we got out of the car and checked out all the great sculpture that’s around.  Some photos that I found in my phone:


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For Max’s birthday the ‘Leo boys’ took a fishing excursion to the great wide ocean off the coast of Brooklyn.  While they didn’t catch anything edible (and compassionately threw many back to the sea) they came home smelling like briny fisherman and had a great day in the sun..!  We couldn’t help but think my dad would’ve loved this trip;


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At the end of summer we finally got back to our favorite peaceful (traffic free) island just a short boat ride from Manhattan.  There’s a new slide on Governor’s that we had to check out (touted as being the largest) and a VW show was on.  The kids loved looking at the vintage models from the 60s and now want a van for Chanukah!

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Another first week of school is starting, and these 2 look happy in the photos but are really having a hard time with getting back to the grind.  We had such a great summer of lying about in the heat and reading, or jumping into city pools, tending the garden and eating from the garden.  Summer is just too dang short really – if I could home school them I would.  They are just that enjoyable to be around.

photos by their dad



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Uncle Shel

We miss our blog’s biggest fan (he loved our posts about Lower East Side food the most), and he was always a wonderful uncle and friend.
Sheldon Roodman rest in peace.

photo by his loving godson, gregkessler.com


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I found this on pinterest – with no link, so sadly I don’t know who to credit for this amazing image. But the caption was ‘The best gift you’ll ever get’. Amen to that.


found here.

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Have a great weekend..

We are going to have pix of our frolic in warmer temps… soon:

photo from instagram.com/hollandutley

photo from instagram.com/hollandutley

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