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I found this on pinterest – with no link, so sadly I don’t know who to credit for this amazing image. But the caption was ‘The best gift you’ll ever get’. Amen to that.


found here.

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Have a great weekend..

We are going to have pix of our frolic in warmer temps… soon:

photo from instagram.com/hollandutley

photo from instagram.com/hollandutley

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We are moving..

hope to be back soon!

zoe's friend steals the photo

zoe’s friend steals the photo

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that’s Ezra shaking his Transformer Dinobot tail there for the camera (thanks @inaseow for the photo!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.22.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.22.22 PM

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This little wise man is so full of interesting thoughts and words this week. I just had to share them – or write them down somewhere so that we remember them:

Re: his daydreaming –
“Mom when I’m daydreaming I imagine that I live in a tree house with Lea, and she’s my wife, and I make go karts for work.”

Re: holding his attention at school and trying to learn instead of daydream –
“I would learn more if there was some joy. If I’m not daydreaming I want to be talking about or seeing something joyful, ya know?”

(and while I was showering he used a little marker to make a ‘stache)
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.30.04 AM

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Lots of changes where we are, and not a lot of time to blog. I have lots of photos and hope to share them all soon. End of summer fun and all..

pretty photo in the pix is by Ericka Mcconnell

pretty photo in the pix is by Ericka Mcconnell

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Hey you… this is YOU during the week we first brought you home and clearly the both of us needed a lot of sleep. What a joy you’ve been – and I cannot keep up to how fast you and your sister have grown but I always remember that new puppy smell you had when you were tiny. We called you ‘our little man’ and ‘Mister Ezra’ because you always seem to be a wise soul in a little body, but now that body is catching up too. I shudder to think that you’ll soon go from being a big boy to a man, but I imagine it’s true seeing as this transition from baby to boy has gone so quickly.
Happy 8th birthday my boo bear. Here are some pictures of the teeny tiny parts of you that we took in when we first met you, to remind you of how much you’ve grown!





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