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We had such a great time that we decided to return on the weekend.  So glad we did.. the good weather and fun wouldn’t stop:



Zoe ‘modeling’ on a dune



inside the barn


upstairs the girls play with Barbies in the loft!


blue crabs everywhere on the beach



even Louie is relaxing into beach mode!


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and so speeds by November..

Dang!  Where the heck did this month go?

I can’t believe I thought we just entered November and now here we are – nearing Thanksgiving.  I guess I was thoroughly preoccupied with trying to bring in some herbs from our garden before the frost that came last Saturday (a bit of a fail, since the bugs came in with them.) Or maybe it was all the excitement around receiving Zoe and Ezra’s report cards (and seeing some mighty impressive grades which always makes us happy!) We are prepping gluten free desserts for another epic yummy Thanksgiving dinner at grandma and grandpa’s later this week… so we have much to be thankful for.  Hope you have a grateful day too!


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Angelo’s baptism

Little tiny cousin Angelo was baptized a few weeks ago.  All we know is that Paul and Ezra cannot get enough swim time together, Sophia and Zoe still love to ‘scrub’ Uncle Towel’s (really Uncle Carl’s) head, and that Angelo is adorable.  Can’t wait to see him again!  He is growing too fast..


wiggling a lot in mamma Trish’s lap before the service


my brother the proud papa

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.13.53 AM

with the proud grandma… aka ‘bubby’


old friends catching up


dads with beards


‘Uncle Towel’ is a snuggle bug


these 2 can’t get enough of each other and are even starting to look alike

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Well it’s been a mild winter so far, and today the temps are in the 60s – which I’m kind of digging.  But tomorrow we are meant to have a snow day off… will it happen?  Will we have another day like the one shown below.. which was back in the beginning of January and blew away within a day?  Or will it linger?  And I wonder how our new friend Louie will cope with snow –


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We usually drive by the center of Kent Connecticut – but this time we got out of the car and checked out all the great sculpture that’s around.  Some photos that I found in my phone:


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For Max’s birthday the ‘Leo boys’ took a fishing excursion to the great wide ocean off the coast of Brooklyn.  While they didn’t catch anything edible (and compassionately threw many back to the sea) they came home smelling like briny fisherman and had a great day in the sun..!  We couldn’t help but think my dad would’ve loved this trip;


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At the end of summer we finally got back to our favorite peaceful (traffic free) island just a short boat ride from Manhattan.  There’s a new slide on Governor’s that we had to check out (touted as being the largest) and a VW show was on.  The kids loved looking at the vintage models from the 60s and now want a van for Chanukah!

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