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I’m not gonna lie, it has taken YEARS to get Zoe ‘into’ the ballet or dance.  She’s just now mature enough to enjoy it, and she even lasted through all 2 and a half hours of Peck and Copland’s “Rodeo” – which was a lot of fun!  The Second Movement was my favorite part,  and is included as a video at the end of this post.  Enjoy!



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I have no idea how I forgot to post these pix of our trip to this amazing museum in San Francisco.  We got a rainy day on the last day of our trip and this location was just the right dose of fun for older and younger kids.  The claymation studio kept Ezra occupied and of course Zoe loves to draw and make movies (and a music video studio!) as well.  My favorite room was a space where kids could scan their car, building and truck drawings and then see them come to life in a ‘city’ projected all around the room!


projecting moving fish on to a sandbox.. makes it come to life!


we always love constructing with these foam blocks


making clay characters for movie making



and .. action!


I LOVE this room where the kids’ drawings come to life on the walls!



Ezra programs a bot to move around a maze


learning some coding



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Hello winter. You are awfully long.

Good thing us NYC kids got some great museums to go to – to take away the winter blas with some color (rather than fly off to somewhere tropical, not always possible!) We spent a dreary gray day at the MoMA and loved the explosion of color. I love seeing all the really young art enthusiasts… my kids are not alone in their love of art, that’s for sure!

Have a great weekend.
This Frantisek Kupka painting should brighten your mood:

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While en route home we stopped off at a duckpin bowling alley in Danbury Ct.   Haven’t heard of duckpin?  This was such a part of my Massachusetts childhood (see here.)

This bowling alley seemed to be frozen in time… somewhere in the 60s!  It was great to feel like I was a kid again – tallying our own bowling scores without that screen overhead and sitting on this amazing fiberglass molded bench that I want to take home!  Add the photos of bowling teams in bee hive hairdos and the holiday decorations from my childhood and I felt like I was sitting in a movie set.  And oh yeah, the kids love bowling with smaller balls and pins at the same time –




do you see the abominable snow man there in the upper right?

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We haven’t been to this great museum in awhile – but it’s always a great cold-weather get away from the city.  The Brooklyn Museum of Art has spruced up a bit since we last saw it and there are quite a number of new exhibits happening now that most the building is restored.  There’s contemporary feminist art, a tuk tuk that the kids could sit in, John Lennon and Yoko kept the kids occupied for quite some time (Beatles fans that they are!) But we still always end up spending the most time looking at the Bliss House and Cane Acre’s Plantion houses – as well as other colonial homes that somehow fit in this museum!




a whole wall of vases


art made of corn kernels?




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And when it’s so cold, we’ve got lots of museum going to do!  Gotta keep it creative to keep the kids occupied (entertained is more like it) while taking in culture.

There was a weekend of revisiting the Met and PS1 shows to keep us from going stir crazy indoors –

At PS 1 Moma we found a room with shimmery streamers to enter : photo 1

and waterfalls projected on glass (Angie Keefer)!
photo 2

Lifesize momma love by artist John Ahearnphoto 4

magic corners of rooms by Mary Beth Edelson
photo 1

And batons that talk if you keep the connection (by Christine Sunkim)photo 2

And at the Met Zoe discovered a love of selfies, and proves that sometimes life really does imitate art:

photo 3photo 5

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Well it’s that time of year again: time to make a poster board covered with information for the Science Fair at Ezra’s school. We like to do this as a Feb break project. When trapped indoors in the cold it’s always fun to turn to science for some lessons! Last year’s science project (documented below) involved making casein from regular hot milk and vinegar. Basically you can make plastic out of mammalian milk, which in the end pretty much grossed me out. But Ezra got a good lesson from it and even got a yellow ribbon on his board! This year we are going to try our hand at making BUTTER .. with a lot of shaking. I hope. Stay tuned! (And to see more on casein, click here.)














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Ok I’ve mentioned the incredibly creative ‘mamma Loren‘ a number of times on this blog, it’s true. BUT I put this idea up on instagram and it was met with a lot of interest and curiosity. SO I thought you’d want to know that YOU TOO can get your winter-weather stir crazy kids to ‘climb the walls’ by simple ordering some grips on REI.com – then affix to the wall! Check out Zoe and Ezra giving it a try:





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While packing I’ve hesitated to pack away all the kids toys. I worry that a rainy day will come and they will have not-as-much-to-do with all their things put away for the move. Imagine my surprise when they spent nearly 2-3 solid days doing nothing but creating this ‘camper’ or box car … with one moving box and my husband’s equipment cart! I think this toy is coming with us.

It even has ‘disco lighting’ inside!

photo 2

photo 3

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I’ve been dying to get to this beautiful new museum – constructed on farm land and made (in my opinion) to look like a grand, elegant barn full of contemporary art. It was fun sending the kids on an art scavenger hunt on a rainy afternoon —

shot by Iwan Baan for NY Mag

shot by Iwan Baan for NY Mag








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