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Zoe’s sweet little school had a “bake off” to end all bake offs. Judges included our District Council Member Danny Dromm and others who are running for local office – as well as MC’d by students’ parents and even including some talented dads in a band!  The sweets really ranged from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Holiday treats.  And there were about 32 different desserts to test!  I don’t know how the judges fit it all in..


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Ezra has been taking drum lessons around here lately, and I’ve realized that I love the colors under the train tracks and the Sesame Street style stoops on houses!  It’s really taking me back to scenes of Sesame Street from the 70s, but with all the new high-rises and graffiti in the mix – it’s something new.   What does it remind you of?


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Are you ready for Halloween?  We have been gearing up with multiple costume changes (even for Louie) – but sadly it may be raining too hard tonight to give out as much candy as we have in years past… Not sure exactly what mashup of costume Ezra is coming up with, but his goal is to ‘not be too scary’ – and Zoe is apparently going for ‘Ginny Weasley’ from Harry Potter’s series.   This is the first year in awhile that I haven’t had to make costumes from scratch, but we are just reusing everything we find around the house… what are your plans?

Happy Halloween~ !


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I love this tradition we have of having our own party in the alley for Halloween.  Residents came up with their own ‘station’ to have in back of their home or in their garage.  We made a photo booth of sorts (selfie station) and there was a cookie decorating zone, a ‘chocolate (fountain) bar’, potions-making station, apple bobbing area .. and of course we had to finish the fun all up with a ‘make a mommy into a mummy’ out of toilet paper contest.



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First day of school for 8th grade and 4th grade..

How did they get here so quickly?

This summer went by so fast and now we are back to the grind.  While I love seeing the leaves change color, I’m also in disbelief that we are already going to be hunkering down to another winter, soon.

But enough of that – here they are on the first day of school!  Clearly Zoe is about to lose a front tooth soon in this photo.  In fact, it fell onto her school desk yesterday.



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My husband and I got a chance to step out without the kids!  I haven’t seen Greenpoint in so long – I had no idea it became its own microcosm of great food and fun.  So much good food like the French Bistro Chez Ma Tante.  Yeah, the food was so good I kind of didn’t get to photograph it until it was half eaten…

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Ugh it’s been so hot lately, but if you get to the Queens Botanical Garden bright and early … you can learn about compost while it’s still not too heated up outside.  I think we caught the last of the garden’s growth by going in August, but it’s a peaceful reprieve from all the Chinatown bustle right outside the gates.


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