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A few weekends ago we went to Alley Pond Park Adventure Course to explore the new ropes course and zip lines. While Zoe wasn’t old enough to go on, Ezra and his dad had a try at climbing into the tree canopies, walking across ladder bridges and then ‘belay-ing‘ down with a harness and some trainers holding on from the ground! I have to tell you – I was so proud of Ezra and how easily he faced this challenge. Fearless really: which is great considering what an intense school year it’s been for him (already at 4th grade!) I’m happy to see him face more and more challenges each day, almost effortlessly.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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Ok so this isn’t an ad for Bernie.  He just happened to be visiting our neighborhood and it became a simple outing to compliment our kids’ recent interest in voting and presidents (thanks to Hamilton the musical!)

We went to LaGuardia College this weekend to see Bernie speak to the Queen’s masses, and E and Z’s dad was selected to stand up on stage – RIGHT behind Bernie – and get the greatest shots!

(all shots by gregkessler.com)





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It helps to have a pro (E and Z’s dad) take the photos… especially when the gardens are not yet blooming and not quite photogenic!

More shots of the mad dash to find eggs and candy in our yards!

(Greg Kessler photos)



Asher mixes Purim with Easter


shaking out one last egg!

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This year we had a Purim Carnival at our synagogue, and then an Easter egg hunt on our alley.  I did something my mom taught me years ago… created bunny prints with a stencil and sifted flour.  And Zoe and I created a picture board for the Purim carnival together (although it later turned into a bean bag toss to win tickets!)


ooo scary unkosher food costume!


our photo booth






Kate Bly and her little Haman



my mom’s tradition – marking the gardens where eggs are hidden

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Remember when Ezra got an award from his school? Coming right up behind him is Zoe – getting an award for being a ‘Good Citizen’ last night. We couldn’t be prouder. I love how creative and independent this one has been lately – while I was gathering cardboard to make a Purim Carnival Cutout board, she was sneaking away with her own piece and created her own ‘Rapunzel princess disguise’ (and then had to face time the grandparents and trick them of course!)

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2

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Zoe turned 6 back in January and I was able to capture her excitement in a little movie clip, as well as her new enthusiasm for dancing (for hours!) to klezmer music, and Ezra’s progress on the drums! Enjoy..

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Who knew there was such a lovely sprawling forest in our borough of Queens, with hiking trails and everything?


Spring seems to be right around the corner… milder temps, and nature blooming.


photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

this last photo by gregkessler.com

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