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Hi there. My office is hoping to see some more gorgeous Real Women Style – wanna submit some photos of yourself (or yourself with your kids)? We want to see your style! Go to http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty-fashion/real-woman-style-awards and enter by March 11!

Look at this chic mom and daughter pair… love the dots!

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10.28.50 AM


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Zoe’s dad got a new camera lens for his birthday, and coaxing her out of her shell for a photo shoot was a little harder than it has been in the past. Eventually he won her over.




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This creative mamma has found something to do while baby sleeps (or doesn’t sleep?) We made a birth announcement similar to this when Ezra was born but didn’t continue it in a series, and didn’t get this clever.

Photos by Adele Enerson.
This one right here… the cheeks. They kill me.

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photo from seventytree blog

photo from the seventytree blog

Really could it get any colder? We are starting to go a little stir crazy indoors but honestly, it hurts to expose even a nose in this weather.

Some things to warm you:

— The perfect snowman. And some more here.

— If near a fireplace, start up the s’mores.

— Now that Zoe has had a tea party, I’m kinda craving one for big girls.

— And speaking of tea, check out these adorable tea cups.

— Stuck inside? My kids love to make a fort.

— This weekend is Tu Bishvat and we’ll be reading this book. I love the illustrations by Marc Simont.

— Speaking of trees, spare one and upcycle an old wood crib. What a great idea!

— How to do ‘little trees’ (as my kids call them) right… and quick!

— New thing I learned: Frost Flowers?

— Can you be up for this challenge of photographing your kids at least once a week? This underwater shot is the best.

— The prettiest dresses. I want them all!

— Getting excited about Valentine’s Day? I love this Valentine idea for kids.

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Instagram shot by Ben Blair.

— Oh how I want to be Betty. I need to take the kids to Paris soon.

— YUM hot chocolate made with coconut milk!

— Have you seen these fireflies in Japan?

— E and Z’s dad deserves this great new mag for dads.

— I tried to design something like this in college but it didn’t turn out nearly as great.

— Get ready for valentine’s day – send some love in a box.

My stylist friend from Martha Stewart taught me that grey and white are great in kids’ rooms (or anywhere else). Here’s a great example.

Living small is a virtue.

— More beautiful bird nests.

— Something new I learned about this week: vertical gardens.

— Can I live here please? And Ezra will take the car.

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We saw a fun show this past weekend at an abandoned Bank of Manhattan building in LIC Queens. It happened to be a very kid friendly show about money – which Ezra is newly interested in. He is learning to count money in school and just opened his own bank account so he was excited to see the vault at this new gallery show, and Zoe loved drawing dollar bills for funhundred.org! Materials for the Arts provided lots of things to craft with…










art made from scratch lotto tickets!

art made from scratch lotto tickets!




Lots of crafting materials from www.mfta.org

Lots of crafting materials from http://www.mfta.org




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Hey does anyone remember this post from last year? I don’t know that Zoe has changed much physically in this year but I do know she talks a lot and doesn’t sit as still in the same chair.

Happy Birthday Monkey! My sweet girl is already 3 – I can’t believe it.


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