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ipad on the mantel to indicate the count down in Time’s Square… the kids loved spraying confetti at the stroke of midnight (poor Zoe couldn’t stay awake ’til then. Bottom photo by Greg Kessler):









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Look at this little muffin – I was so proud of her. She had all her lines and moves memorized (and was so nervous, she chewed on her hair until it was soaked in her own saliva) — but what an amazing performance! Her teachers had a party afterwards and created a giant (cardboard) gingerbread house with photo cut outs of all the kids on it – so cute! See Zoe tossing a snowball to her friend Amanda? IMG_3917 IMG_3919 IMG_3920 IMG_3928 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3912

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We had a day of kicking around that included some crisp thin crust pizza at Fiore’s Pizza, then a trip to Umanov’s Guitar Store. We ran into The Market NYC to check out the wares and somehow my kiddos picked up a little holiday bling for me when I wasn’t looking!












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Pardon my mad dash to post as many pix as I can before the year is out, but clearly I’ve lagged on doing anything blog oriented this holiday season! And I have a camera full of memories to share. We went to another Red Chair show at the Skirball Center – this time we saw Doktor Kaboom and his hilarious and informative experiments on getting Santa down a chimney, how to make reindeer fly. Unfortunately much of Dr Kaboom’s equipment didn’t arrive during his travels, but he did manage to throw together a hovercraft made from a shower curtain and leaf blower that carried a little girl across the stage! We got to go back stage and meet him in person, and other fans wished him a happy birthday.








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Our fireplace is up and running, just in time for the holiday of light and warmth.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

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An advantage to living in a city as diverse as Jackson Heights, Queens is that we get to learn about all different kinds of holidays. Our friends had a holiday round up on the 6th of December and we all got to talking about Sinterklaas. We do have some friends who really leave their shoes out with carrots in them for the night, in hopes of getting treats in their shoes in the morning. We got to talking about how HUGE gifts cannot fit into tiny kid’s shoes and how the American Christmas seems so over-the-top by comparison. Imagine trying to fit a Wii or PS gaming station system into tiny shoes?
I love this kind of December holiday mash up where – to add to the mix – a Brazilian family brought little cups of chocolate and sweetened condensed milk (called brigadeiro) for dessert as their contribution to holiday cheer! (see these and other pix on instagram)

on the way we find the florist's window filled with fake snow and a miniature train..

on the way we find the florist’s window filled with fake snow and a miniature train..

photo 2

Mia samples the brigadeiro

Mia samples the brigadeiro

inspecting the candy that we found in our shoes!

inspecting the candy that we found in our shoes!

Zoe loves babies dressed like candy canes!

Zoe loves babies dressed like candy canes!

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This from http://www.rmsbeauty.com instagram. Don’t let the true meaning of December holidays pass you by:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.59.09 PM

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