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It’s been a full year of owning our house! (Although it feels like less than a year because we moved in nearer to Halloween.) It’s been a lovely place to call home. I don’t miss the messy renovation stage but I do admit – I sometimes want to make trips to tile shops and appliance centers just because I somehow got use to it last summer. The anticipation was fun as well .. not knowing how it would all shape up in the end. The very best part is now finally living in it – as if it’s always been ours.

a little of last summer and this summer seen here.

a little of last summer and this summer seen here.

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Ok I’ve mentioned the incredibly creative ‘mamma Loren‘ a number of times on this blog, it’s true. BUT I put this idea up on instagram and it was met with a lot of interest and curiosity. SO I thought you’d want to know that YOU TOO can get your winter-weather stir crazy kids to ‘climb the walls’ by simple ordering some grips on REI.com – then affix to the wall! Check out Zoe and Ezra giving it a try:





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If you can’t get out to buy one… try this trick. A clever friend set this up during a Pictionary party and it gave me the idea to do the same with a small metal step ladder in our own home. Zoe LOVES her new painting station. Magnets on the side make a great way to dry fresh paintings!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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We were back at the Museum of Modern Art seeing the Matisse exhibit – although frankly on weekends the exhibit is too crowded for kids. Instead we stopped in to the kid friendly Cut Out workshop going on near the media center, and explored our “Matisse selves” with paper and fabric:









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Still a few things to be finished, still quite a few boxes unpacked. But we are settling in nicely and it’s feeling like home. And what a cozy lovely home it’s gonna be.

I have to say – some people have asked me why I haven’t blogged about the renovation, with before and after photos and all – but this has all been such hard work and more stressful than I anticipated. I have a renewed appreciation for anyone who can enjoy revamping an hold home. Not for the feint of heart!

So for now here are some sunny, cheery, semi-finished, semi-moved in and lived in shots:




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Our friends in Astoria did up their house, with a movie projected on a nearby building and everything! I guess we have to step up our game next year, now that we have a home to decorate:

... and there was a giant spider web on our block!

… and there was a giant spider web on our block!

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Well it was a can of crazy here late last week, but somehow miraculously (with the help of grandparents) we managed to get kids in costumes and out to parties. Four parties in our ‘alley’ alone! By the way, the ‘alley’ is our back drive, filled with children and great neighbors, and described by others in the hood as the equivalent of moving ‘into Sesame Street’. You will hear a lot about it on the blog I’m sure. What a great, warm receptive group of neighbors we have. Ezra was a Dinobot and Zoe was one of the thousands of Elsas on the street… but I still think she was the prettiest. Who needs candy when all this other fun is going on?












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