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Want to know where your recycled goods go?  We did!  So we took a trip to Brooklyn to see the SIMS Recycling Center, where all our glass, plastic, metal and paper end up.  This center has a cute little area of educational info for kids (and adults like it too!)  Here we learned that our glass, plastic and metal are all put on one conveyer belt that smashes glass (which falls through the belt in tiny pieces), then a giant magnet collects the metal, and only the plastic is left on the belt.. to ultimately all separately get bundled up and reused.  Pretty smart, eh?  They even used the glass bits on the walkway out front.   There was a small exhibit of clever art made of recycled objects and a whole display on how this industry supplies jobs.  Who doesn’t love more jobs?!  I’m just glad we didn’t go in the heat of summer – as that trash pile would’ve smelled a lot more strong then it did in the fall.



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A couple weeks ago, New York had its ‘Open House‘ weekend which allows you to visit places that are usually not so accessible during other times in the year.  We decided to check out Brooklyn Navy Yard!  According to its website, this is “a mission-driven industrial park that is a nationally acclaimed model of the viability and positive impact of modern, urban industrial development. The Yard is now home to over 400 businesses employing more than 7,000 people and generating over $2 billion per year in economic impact for the City. Building on the Yard’s history as the economic heart of Brooklyn, the 300-acre waterfront asset offers a critical pathway to the middle class for many New Yorkers.”

First we explored the museum about the yard’s history.  I loved the section on the Brooklyn Naval Hospital where the Nurse Corp’s information was screened on to stretchers!  The photos of new businesses were also pretty impressive.   We then explored multiple buildings and got to tour and talk to new businesses like a 3D printer roboto.nyc who makes models for toy companies, an editing company, and hiphopcloset.com who also dressed some pretty hip Barbies!



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I’m not necessarily ready for cooler weather but clearly Zoe is: she likes to ice skate with her classmate Lily lately.  Since Lily takes skating lessons, I just let her tie on Zoe’s skates and teach her the ropes – and I basically stand around waiting to be useful .

We are already seeing signs of “Halloween night preparation” in our ‘hood – and I found this crazy old pix of me and my brothers in our home-made costumes in the ’70s.  I wonder if this will inspire my own kids’ ideas for costumes this year?



I hear that Lily gets up at 5 a.m. for skate lessons so .. I’m unnecessary here


this fearless little one


off she goes!


neighbors already getting creative


me and my brothers – I guess one of us has a store-bought costume but the others are made from scratch!

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We encountered another car show on Long Island.  Classic cars and (especially) modern cars make Ezra a happy boy!  It was an amazingly sunny day to be outdoors and – ironically – we even biked over to this car show, so as to not cause more traffic.


Have a great weekend!



sister joins in on the fun – especially when their are pink cars around


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