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It’s nice to see the Lower East Side hasn’t changed as much as I thought, and to share my old ‘hood with my kids? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake. We got a clear day to enjoy gazing at downtown architecture, stopped to check out books at The Strand and popped into punk rock and Goth shops with costumes (and a room of glow in the dark clothes that Zoe really loved). We even tried some new-for-us food faves like Japanese street food from Otafuku.







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Even though our blizzard petered-out, the kids stayed outside all day and got good and tired from snow play. Ambitious dads made snow forts, Ezra repeatedly heated up maple syrup and poured it into snow, and neighbors on our alley were shoveling for hours.

a bird's eye view of the neighborhood snow fort

a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood snow fort

Maude (leaning against the garage) taunts the 'boy camp' before the snowballs start to fly!

Maude (leaning against the garage) taunts the ‘boy camp’ before the snowballs start to fly!





everyone out and shoveling on our alley

everyone out and shoveling on our alley



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We went back here for the first time in a while and were pleasantly surprised by the new exhibit in the lower level. It’s a permanent set up with a ‘pirate ship’ of sorts in the center – kids can climb on this and meanwhile the 4 stations below allow kids to explore with science crafts. There is a station where kids create a city with LED light inventions that they come up with, and another station where they can build a ‘survival pack’ and parachute if off of the overhang from the ‘pirate ship’ (or is it a tree house? It’s whatever you want it to be!) I wish Ezra’s science classes at school could be so creative. Zoe created paper puppets at the ‘light play’ station, and of course Ezra was back to building structures —












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We went back to Alice’s Teacup where cupcakes were enjoyed, tea was gulped down and fairy dust was sprinkled on these little ladies… then Zoe came home to her favorite pile of pink things acquired during her birthday!






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We had a lot of friends over, and yet a basically mellow weekend. How about you?
(Below – Zoe and BFFs Hazel and Mia on a train to Manhattan for her tea non-party, Ezra arranged all her dolls for a slumber party on the floor that night, she can’t get enough of her birthday gifts, and Ezra making eggs for all of us in the a.m.)

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

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Here is Zoe at school yesterday – a day before her birthday she wanted to bake and share cupcakes with everyone in her class, and today on the actual big day she and I will go for a little tea party in the city (remember this place? She loves it!) I don’t know how she arrived at the decision that she didn’t really want a party this year… but I will have her all to myself so I’m not going to complain. Happy 5th Birthday my sweet little lady! (and thank you to Zoe’s teacher for the photos!) Bottom photo by Greg Kessler.P1040483

with her friend Walker who is also celebrating his birthday

with her friend Walker who is also celebrating his birthday

P1040492 P1040493

always the little helper

always the little helper

P1040497-3 photo 1

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While in Chinatown last weekend we saw this dragon fruit … and of course Ezra had to try it. It’s seedy and pulpy and I hear it was supposed to be sweet. It must’ve been good because no one left me a piece. I now see why it may be called dragon fruit .. that red juice will stain everything! Another notch on Ezra’s ‘strange fruits and veggies to try’ belt –

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.19.03 PM

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