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Once in awhile Zoe gets the urge to have me paint her tiny finger and toe nails, and Ezra just cannot resist getting a little attention along with her. When he asked to have his nails painted pink, my husband and I felt compelled to make him aware of the fact that other 8 year old boys at school may find this unusual, or ‘girlie'(even though we try NOT to buy into gender stereotypes: they ARE out there and he has just started in a new school.) I let Ezra know that if he wanted to take the color off, I had remover — and all he had to do is let me know.
I was pleasantly surprised the following day after school – when we asked him if anyone liked his nails, he said ‘yes’ and that he even inspired another boy to paint his nails as well! Do you remember this silliness in the news when Jenna Lyons painted her son’s nails on the JCrew site?


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We are moving..

hope to be back soon!

zoe's friend steals the photo

zoe’s friend steals the photo

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that’s Ezra shaking his Transformer Dinobot tail there for the camera (thanks @inaseow for the photo!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.22.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.22.22 PM

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We try to get out and about – while our house is now riddled with boxes and things are tucked away. Washington Square Park in the NYU-Greenwich Village area of Manhattan has the best rope-play area these days… which looks even prettier with fallen leaves around it. And I love that someone always rolls a baby grand piano out to the park to play it, or leave it for someone else to play!
(Check out the park’s piano man and music scene in this clip here.)











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Even though we are not moving too far, I will still miss all this activity right outside our apartment door. Nothing like a lazy Sunday morning with a Bolivian Parade marching by in amazing costumes and performing dances right at your door!











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While going through things and packing, I came across this dress that I remember wearing when I was about Zoe’s age. Remember my godmother and her husband, and their amazing pillows from Hungary? I think they brought this back after a trip to Hungary in the 70s. And now it’s getting some more use!

(pardon our crazy pack pile in the background!)


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While packing I’ve hesitated to pack away all the kids toys. I worry that a rainy day will come and they will have not-as-much-to-do with all their things put away for the move. Imagine my surprise when they spent nearly 2-3 solid days doing nothing but creating this ‘camper’ or box car … with one moving box and my husband’s equipment cart! I think this toy is coming with us.

It even has ‘disco lighting’ inside!

photo 2

photo 3

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